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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “The End is the Beginning is the End”

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By Joe Dyton (@dyton99)

Sure, this week’s episode of “Grey’s” lasted an hour, but it all really comes down to the last minute when we found out the insurance company isn’t going to pay the $75 million plane crash settlement and the hospital is going to have to cover it and go bankrupt right? Everything else is was more or less filler.

I’d say it’s going to be interesting to see how the hospital keeps its doors open, but if I were a betting man, I’d say once the Oceanic Six, er the Seattle Grace Five find out their win would bankrupt the hospital, they’ll give the money back and everything will return to status quo. Besides Callie, none of them seem to be too excited about winning anyway. Plus, wouldn’t it be weird if five of the characters were worth $15 million a piece and still working at the hospital? The one way to keep this storyline intersting/going is to have a divide amongst the doctors where some are for giving the money back to save the hospital while others don’t want to.

As for the rest of the show, it was OK. I thought the best non-settlement moment was Owen feeling up Intern Jo thinking it was Cristina. I wish I found Derek and Shane’s ping-pong game as interesting as the doctors did. Jackson’s going away from Mark’s plan would have been more interesting if there was even the slightest sign of distress during the operation. Since it went smoothly, I don’t see why there was so much to-do with Arizona and Derek beforehand. Also on the Jackson front, him hooking up with Intern Stephanie doesn’t feel so taboo since we saw Derek/Meredith and Burke/Cristina in the same situation eight years ago. I’ve given this show enough of a hard time about recycling storylines; I won’t get into it again here.

A few thoughts and I’m done….

*It’s good to see the show taking some time to show Richard grieving over the loss of Adele. Time will tell if all’s forgotten by next week’s show. It’s interesting what this show chooses to harp on and gloss over at times.

*I like the Alex-Inter Jo relationship. I hope it stays where it is. It would be nice to see Alex have another female friend where that’s all that is going on. “Grey’s” can’t help itself when it comes to pairing up characters though. I mean look at what happened to best friends Jackson and April.

*I don’t blame Mer, Derek, Cristina and Arizona for being a little uncomfortable with the idea of Callie’s celebration dinner. I agree with Meredith that their settlement does feel a little like “blood money.” It was nice to see the dinner end well with Meredith revealing her pregnancy and Derek forgiving Owen.

*If Owen accidentially feeling up Intern Jo was the funniest moment of the episode, Bailey’s beach incident on her honeymoon was a close second.

* Lines of the Night…

-“Mo money, mo problems.”

-“Tell your twisted sister, she’ll be happy for you.”

-“I thought I was getting an iPad.”

-“Webber didn’t want the pity cookies from his girlfriend about his dead wife.”

-“My life isn’t all about the cookie.”

-“He’s giving us $15 million. Each.”

-“I should have been on that (darn) plane.”

-“Except Mer, and she probably wanted to (get together with Alex) at some point.”

-“You’re the new babysitter who doesn’t know where the wipes are at.”

Well, that’s all I have for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Until next time…

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“This Week in TV with Joe Dyton” Podcast Episode 2

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By Joe Dyton (

On Episode 2 of the “This Week In TV w/Joe Dyton” podcast, I quickly recap the “Homeland” and “30 Rock” season premieres, along with last week’s episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”. Later, Terri Law joins me to discuss the first two episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy.” You can find the podcast here. Thanks for listening!

Note: The “Grey’s” discussion with Terri begins at the 11:20 mark.

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC, a freelance sports reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD and host of the “This Week in TV with Joe Dyton” podcast. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at


“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Flight”

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Last night we bid farewell to Season Eight of “Grey’s Anatomy” in a very somber fashion. If it weren’t for Ben and Bailey’s engagement, that would have been a completely depressing hour of TV. Lexie died, there’s no rescue in sight for the other members of the Oceanic, er Seattle Grace Six, April has no future and Teddy’s leaving. And of course we can’t forget about the Chief’s residents’ dinner that none of them were looking forward to.

Just because it was a sad episode, doesn’t mean it was bad. I thought it was a little slow, but I think that was a result of the show’s somber tone. Sandra Oh was really good as was Eric Dane during his “I love you” speech to a dying Lexie. That was some of the best-written material he’s gotten in a while, it’s no coincidence last night’s show was written by creator Shonda Rhimes. I also liked the call back to the pilot episode when the residents, then interns, were being introduced to the hospital by Richard. Especially since his prediction that two of them would leave the program altogether sort of came true. Izzie and George are no longer there; granted George died, but technically the group is down a pair of docs six years later.

Sadly, a lot of suspense was killed when Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh renewed their contracts. It’s too bad that news couldn’t have been kept under wraps until the finale aired. With that announcement came out beforehand, that cut the possibilities of who was going to die in the plane crash in half. Even without that news, it’s probably fair to say that the chances of Meredith, Derek or Cristina dying were pretty slim. I also felt the ABC promo department didn’t do the episode any favors by saying ONE would die in the preview. With that knowledge, it was obvious that even though Mark wad fading, Arizona was going to talk him out of the white light because we knew Lexie had already passed. I guess if we pick up where we left off at the start of Season Nine, he could still die, but as for last night, it was no surprise he was going to live.

The big surprise was Teddy leaving. I was never that attached to that character, so Kim Raver’s departure doesn’t bother me too much. It’s a shame that it took Owen firing her to get her to take that great job opportunity, but it showed great selflessness on his part because he is going to need her if Cristina does leave him. I also thought it was selfless of her to originally turn down the job so she could be there for Owen, but that wouldn’t have been wise. Owen fortunately recognized it.

Leave it to Bailey to save the day and keep at least some of the episode light. I’m not sure how the long-distance thing will work, especially with Ben working intern hours, but for now they’re happily engaged.

A few other thoughts and we’ll call it as season…

*I was hoping the finale would open up like the first episode of “Lost”. You know, Meredith’s eye opens and there’s just a burning plane and people running around and screaming frantically. It was sort of like that, but there wasn’t as much panic as during the “Lost” plane crash, but Arizona definitely took care of the screaming. We did get another “Lost” moment though when a Dr. Shepherd (although spelled differently) needed to have his arm stitched up. So there was that.

*I had a tough time sympathizing with Alex, Jackson and April dreading the residents’ dinner. I know they all have their issues (especially April), but a free, fancy dinner that includes duck that “just falls of the bone” sounded fantastic. It was great when April said she was just going to suck it up and be happy for the night. We’ll see how long that lasts when they find out why Meredith and Cristina aren’t at dinner.

*It was a great scene when Teddy and Meredith were performing the same procedure, albeit Teddy with all the proper equipment, and Meredith with whatever they could scrape together and Cristina and Derek, who between them had two good arms.

*It’s always funny to see when and where these characters decide to open up about how they are feeling. It was sweet when Teddy explained why she wasn’t going to leave Seattle, but did she have to do it in the OR with a patient on the table?

*Going forward, I wonder how they’re going to keep all of residents in Seattle, or if they’re not going to even bother. I assume the Season Nine premiere will pick up right where we left off, so that will give the writers a little time to figure out the docs’ decisions. It’s simple for Meredith; she can just decide to stay and convince Derek they’re better off there. For Cristina, now that Teddy’s gone, maybe she’ll have her eye on the top cardio spot. Although, she can’t go from new attending to Head of Cardio, right? I’m not sure what reason the writers could come up with to have Alex stay; maybe if Arizona is laid up for a while with her injury, he might decide to hang around. As for Jackson, my fearless forecast is that April is going to be pregnant and he’ll stay.

“Lines of the Night”…

*”I don’t know. I only have one shoe.”

*”I’m married to an orthopedic surgeon and I’m staring at my bone.”

*“Tasty-Freeze, no brainer.”

*“I still have PTSD, so I’m not reliable.”

*”I found it!” “The first-aid kit?” “My shoe!”

*”You were married? To a man?”

*”You’re not a free agent anymore.”

Well, that’s all I have. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the season as a whole. Thanks for reading; I apologize for the lack of consistency in my write-ups, this year. I hope to be back on the weekly routine for Season Nine.

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC and a freelance sports reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Take the Lead”

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Last night on “Grey’s Anatomy”, our fifth-year residents got to spread their wings a little further when they got to be the lead in the OR for the first time. I enjoyed that storyline, but it made for a slower first half of the show. Once they got to the actual operations, I found the episode much more interesting. Personally, I’d rather have an hour-long show be a little more balanced as far as intriguing stories go, but last night there was still enough things going on during the first 30 minutes to keep it from being a total snooze pre-OR scenes. I’m just hope more of this season’s shows hold my interest from 9:00 to 10:00 more often than not.

Alright, the goal for these recaps this season is keeping them concise, so let’s get to it…

There were a couple of scenes that really stood out for me last night, but my favorite was during Cristina’s appendectomy. I laughed out loud when it turned out holier-than-thou, “know the basics” Teddy couldn’t help Cristina through the operation because she drew a blank too and their scrub nurse had to bail them out. That was one of those great, comic relief moments the show used to give us consistently to break up the melodrama. More of that, please! I also enjoyed watching Cristina grill her interns for an appendectomy step-by-step under the guise of teaching when in reality she was the one who needed the lesson. Felt bad that she made her one intern cry though. Also on the Teddy-Cristina front, when Teddy told Cristina that questioning her every move never gets old, all I could think was, “Yeah, actually it has gotten old.” It’s never good when a plot device like that has worn out its welcome two weeks into a season.

Obviously, the biggest development from last night was Richard stepping down as Chief of Surgery and handing the reigns over to Owen. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to avoiding spoilers because I read so much about TV. I read about this over the summer, so I wasn’t surprised about the announcement. I wasn’t expecting it to be so unceremonious though. Couldn’t we have at least seen when Richard offered Owen the job? Also, let the record show this is the third time Richard has stepped down or planned to step down from the post. Is the time it actually sticks? It will be interesting going forward to see how Owen and Cristina’s relationship goes with him having the big job. Between that and Cristina’s recent life decision, there is a lot going on there.

The Teddy-Cristina scene was the funniest (in my mind) scene, and Richard stepping down was the biggestdevelopment, but the best scene was Derek and Meredith’s quasi-blowout at the end of the show. I say quasi because Meredith was pretty calm during the whole thing. I was glad to see Derek finally let it all out; everything he said was right. Meredith does just jump in without thinking and never really suffers any consequences; she’s like an “Entourage” character. I liked that Derek admitted he was sticking around because of the promise he made and all the things about Meredith that make him want to pull his perfect hair out are what he loves about her as well. It’s great to see this couple become interesting again.

OK a few other thoughts and I’m finished…

*I got a little nervous when I saw the “No animals were harmed…” disclaimer before the episode, but last night’s pig operation was not nearly as jarring as it was last time. Speaking of, when everyone was asking Alex if they could borrow his pig was one of the funnier scenes. Do they just have pigs lying around the hospital for practice??

*Has the pressure of being a fifth-year resident and flying solo gotten to Alex? His bedside manner was pretty bad last night. I never remember him being a “cut ‘em open, fix ‘em up and move on to the next” kind of guy. Also, I thought it was going to take Alex a little longer to get back in everyone’s good graces for tattling on Meredith. Usually, I complain when “Grey’s” drags things out, but this would have seem like a logical time to extend a situation four or five episodes.

*The one thing I really didn’t like about last night was Arizona scaring Jackson out of performing his cleft repair. I understand she wanted the kid to have the best set of hands possible working on him, but her tactic felt a little underhanded. She had already told him she was going to have Sloan to do it, why did she then tell him he could do it, just to scare him out of it at the end?

*I also thought the writers got good mileage out of Owen trying to get on Bailey’s good side. Callie’s right; that’s the one person you don’t want against you. I was also wondering if Callie’s crash-and-burn as Chief Resident was going to come up as April tries to stay above water; glad that wasn’t forgotten. Nice moment between Callie and April there. 

“Line of the Night”:

“Are you guys the slow class?” 

*Honorable mentions

-“That wasn’t very Chief-y.”

“Can I have your pig?”

“Good luck with that, MacGyver.”

“Call the morgue, moron. He’s dead.”

That’s all I have for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Until next week…

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC and a freelance sports reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “I Will Survive”

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On Thursday, we got the penultimate episode of the seventh season of “Grey’s”. I thought it kind of a snooze for the first three quarters of the show. Normally, I’d complain about that, but I’m willing to give the show a pass because the purpose of last night’s show is to set up next week’s finale. The finale looks good based on the previews, but we’ll see what happens when we watch it.

But, back to Thursday’s show. The biggest problem for me was much of the hour was fueled by the Chief Resident race, and I don’t really care who wins. Not to mention, this just feels like a repeat of the race to succeed the Chief when he was planning to retire a few seasons ago. So when a storyline that a) I’m not that interested in and b) has been done before is carrying the hour, it’s not going to be best viewing experience for me. On this storyline though, it looks like the race is down to Alex and April, right? Cristina is out, Jackson dropped out and Alex more or less push Meredith out with his end of the episode bombshell (more on that later). Is Lexie in the race too? I honestly can’t remember. For comedy’s sake, it would be great if April won the gig; can you imagine the rest of the residents having to report to perky, rules-following April?

As for the non-chief resident parts of the show, what can I say? Now that Callie and baby are both healthy, Arizona and Callie are married and Arizona and Mark are getting along alright; there’s not much to feed that storyline anymore. I’m not sure where Arizona and Callie go from here; I guess they’ve had their time in the spotlight, and they’ll now take Meredith and Derek’s spot as the show’s happy, harmonious couple (I can’t imagine things staying sunny between Mer and Der if/when her tainting their trial comes to light). At least there’s some hope for Mark if he and Lexie find their way back to one another (poor Jackson).

Speaking of Jackson, I thought he asked off of the Chief’s diabetes trial to focus on surgery because he thought that would be better his chances for a shot at Chief Resident. I never would have guessed he did it for selfless reasons; dropping out because he didn’t want his name to hurt the Chief’s chances of winning awards was pretty noble. Who knows, maybe Owen will take that selflessness into consideration when he makes his pick.

I wish I could get more excited about Derek and Meredith’s plans to adopt. It’s great that they want to, but just like I was indifferent about Meredith getting pregnant, I don’t think my enjoyment of the show will be made or broken if they get to adopt Zola. When Meredith was talking to the social worker, I wanted to root hard for her to do well, but honestly, I just wanted to show to move on to something, anything more interesting. It’ll be interesting to see if Meredith’s messing with the trial with hurt their adoption chances.

I don’t think it was much of a surprise that Teddy’s situation was going to get messy eventually. It was inevitable that Henry was going to develop real feelings for Teddy and Andrew was going to return, right? Hey, after seven seasons, it’s tough to keep the surprises coming, so I can’t beat up the writers too badly for this plotline. Does anyone think Teddy is really going to go to Germany with Andrew though? I’ve heard nothing about Kim Raver leaving the show, so if she did head off to Germany, I’d be somewhat surprised about that.

On the medical side of things, I’m torn on the Teddy-Cristina debate. I can understand Teddy being mad that her subordinate went over her head, but I agree with Cristina too. Yes, she defied her boss, but she saved the patient’s life. I do think there’s a little truth to Cristina’s accusation that Teddy is threatened by her. Why else would she overreact so badly? I have to bring out my Logic Police badge for a second though; aren’t there other cardio surgeons that Cristina could work under? Is Teddy the only heart doctor in the hospital? As for Cristina’s case; the tree in the lung was pretty interesting. No surprise that April was going to sell her out to Teddy though. It’s all about the checklist and protocol after all. You know what, never mind; I don’t think I could take it if April wins Chief Resident.

Alright, let’s move on to the two most interesting parts of the episode; at least for me anyway. I loved the Owen and Cristina showdown near the end of the episode. The best part about it was everything Owen said was right; Chief Resident would be nothing more than a resume highlight for her. She’d hate the administrative part of the job (where April would excel actually), and want to quit no sooner than she got the gig. The same thing happened to Callie, remember? It would have been an interesting story for Cristina if she did get it though; she’d have to deal with that doubt about whether she was Chief Resident because she earned it or because her husband did the picking.

And then there’s Alex. Oh, Alex. I will admit, I was surprised about how the Lucy thing turned out. I assumed that once he turned down the Africa job, she was going to say she took the job at Baylor. Then we’d have the classic TV “I gave up a good job for you, why didn’t you do the same for me?” argument. What a great job by the writers taking it a step farther and have Lucy not head to Texas, but take the exact same job that Alex turned down. That was just push Alex needed to go into destructive mode. Well, that and Cristina telling him that he doesn’t stand a chance against Meredith for Chief Resident. There was no way Alex was going to play fair and square; he just needed a reason to play the “Meredith cheated” card, and he got two. Can’t wait to what happens next week, and it’s been awhile since I said that about “Grey’s”.

A few other random thoughts…

*Sorry I didn’t do a recap for last week’s show. I was out of the office on Friday, went home for the weekend and didn’t get to watch it until Wednesday. Overall, I thought the episode was kind of bland for having two main characters getting married to one another. Also on that point, I was shocked about how close-minded Callie’s mother was. I remember her dad was the same way; I thought him finally coming around would have rubbed off on her too. Other quick thoughts…I was kind of surprised Meredith and Derek would miss Callie and Arizona’s wedding; did they really have to pick that moment to get officially married?…I can’t figure out Stark; he’s mostly a jerk, but then he turns around and gives April a glowing recommendation for Chief Resident…last week was the second episode in a row that Bailey had to talk Callie off the edge; she’s like her fairy godmother.

Line of the Night: “Meredith messed with the Alzheimer’s trial.”

Honorable Mentions:

“My mom was a nurturing as a steak knife.”
-“No time for mommy (stuff).”
-“I have everything I ever wanted…almost.”

*I was kind of surprised next week’s finale is only an hour; the reaction to Meredith’s deceit and the fallout from the Chief Resident selection could probably take up the hour itself. That’s fine with though; I’d rather there be fewer, stronger storylines in a shorter amount of time than a bunch of filler storylines in a two-hour finale.

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC and a freelance sports reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “State of Love and Trust”

In Grey's Anatomy on February 5, 2010 at 4:48 pm

After an inexplicable break last week, “Grey’s” returned with an episode I’d describe as “weak.” I didn’t think it was necessarily bad, I just didn’t care for how it was put together. Besides cramming too may storylines into one hour, another weakness I feel “Grey’s” has is it doesn’t prioritize its plots in a given episode very well at times. For instance, last night the most intriguing storyline was the one with McDreamy and the Chief. Derek was finally in his dream position, Chief of Surgery, while Richard was deciding between early retirement or rehab. These are two of the biggest advancements in these characters’ history, and they felt like an afterthought. This story should have been front and center for more of the episode than it was. Were any of the other storylines so important that the hour’s best one had to be placed on the backburner? Let’s take a look….

(B) Bailey’s patient wakes up during surgery (good storyline, but no)

(C) Cristina and Owen work through their relationship issues (nope)

(D) Arizona takes Alex under her wing in peds for a day (great medical case and brilliant acting by Justin Chambers, but no)

(E) Mark is still mad at Lexie for getting together with Alex (don’t even get me started)

As I wrote those down, I realized there was more to this episode than meets the eye. I still think the episode’s author and production team’s time management skills could use some work though. I would have been totally OK if last night’s episode featured just the Derek-Chief plot, along with storylines (B) and (C) or (D). I’m still in agreement with Bradley Whitford’s line on the short-lived drama, “Studio 60”, “This isn’t TV camp; it’s not important to us that everyone gets to play.”

Those were my overall thoughts on last night’s show. Here are some a few specific thoughts:

What I liked about last night’s show…

-The Derek and Chief showdown. I loved everything about this; Derek’s awkward speech in the beginning, his much better and more honest speech at the end, the fact that he looked the Chief in the eye and admitted that he wanted his job, it was all great. To me the most awkward, heartbreaking part of all of this is when a nurse came in and asked for the Chief and Richard and Derek both replied to her. Did Derek really think people were going to start referring to him as that on his first day? I was glad Richard accepted the rehab option; although that was obviously what was going to happen.

On a side note about the Richard’s an alcoholic storyline; I beat up the writers a bit in the past for finally bringing him to the forefront after five years and the direction they go in was to have him fall off of the wagon again. I read in a recent TV Guide article that James Pickens Jr. actually went to “Grey’s” creator Shonda Rhimes and suggest this story for his character. So, my apologies to the “Grey’s” writing staff.

-Bailey’s patient waking up in the middle of surgery. There have been some off-the-wall cases in this show, but this one to be in the top 10, right? This story provided a lot of good material like Meredith getting to do the second surgery and Bailey’s rant to the “Gas Man”. How great was she when she just laced into the anesthesiologist (spelled right on the first try!!) for a solid two minutes for his (alleged) slip-up? I hope when “Grey’s” ends, Bailey gets spun-off onto her own show where she runs a free clinic or something. I’d tune in every week. This storyline also looks like it also tried to light some sparks between Bailey and the “Gas Man”. I hope it does; She’s the only character besides the Chief on this show who hasn’t really had a romantic storyline. Granted she was married for the first four-plus seasons, but we only got to see the bad there.

-Alex and Arizona teaming up on a peds case: I honestly could take or leave the medical part of this storyline, but the emotional side of it was very good. I liked watching Alex tear into the penny-pinching father, even if he was in the wrong at the end. Maybe Alex has finally found his specialty. I don’t if anyone’s bounced around as much as he has. He was with Sloan in plastics, then with Addison with babies and now he’s working with Arizona in pediatrics. It’ll only be a matter of time before he’s helping Derek with neuro cases, right?

Cristina and Owen’s final scene: I didn’t like this storyline (more on that shortly) for most of the episode, but I did enjoy scene back at the apartment. Cristina almost never opens up about personal things, so to see her talk to Owen about what didn’t work with Burke was quite a treat. I found it interesting that Owen used pretty much the same line that Burke did when he was dating Cristina, “I want to love you, why won’t you let me.” I’m sure it’s no coincidence that she opened up once Owen said that. On a side note, it still blows me away how deep Sandra Oh’s voice gets when she has to do a crying scene.

As for what I didn’t like….

-The rest of Cristina and Owen’s scenes: I don’t know; these two just don’t work for me. Maybe it’s how violent Owen kisses; maybe I just don’t think of Cristina as the girlfriend type (she wasn’t very girlfriend-like with Burke either), whatever it is they leave me uninterested and not invested in them emotionally as a couple. It wouldn’t break my heart if the broke up.

-The Mark and Lexie stuff: This needs to get resolved sooner than later. I can’t take another week of him ignoring her and/or her begging him to talk to her. The 10-15 minutes wasted on this could have been dedicated to another scene or two with the Chief and Derek. I’m all for McSteamy getting more screen time, but not like this, in a silly, post-break-up awkward scene. Give him a big medical case, or have him connecting with his daughter.

OK a few more random thoughts and I’m done…

*As far as comic relief goes, Cristina burning herself on the grate was hilarious. There’s no way I could have picked another line than the one that I did. It reminded me a bit of the scene years back when George needed a shot.

*Speaking of Cristina; I was shocked when she ignored Teddy’s page to stay with Owen. I’m glad she addressed that with him at the end of the episode. I was also a little surprised that it didn’t come up between Owen and Cristina that she almost got married until last night.

*I enjoyed watching Alex make the Mercy West docs fear for their jobs with Derek taking over. I’m still not a fan of them.

 -Line of the Night: “Hot-crossed buns.”

*Honorable mentions:

-“He looks like and undertaker.”

-“Undertaker needs a speech writer.”

-“Don’t let the roller skates fool you; peds is hard-core.”

-“We expect the gas man to stay awake at the switch.” (all of Bailey’s “gas man” lines were really good.)

-“This is not a tick.”

-“You have grate marks on your (behind).”

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Stay tuned for next Thursday’s episode where a roof collapses on a restaurant known as a trysting spot on Valentine’s Day, interrupting whatever romance plans the doctors might have had; Arizona and Callie play Cupid—for Bailey and an anesthesiologist named Ben (Jason George). Callie also teams up with Mark to help persuade Sloan (Leven Rambin) to do the right thing for her baby. Meanwhile, Derek struggles to manage his time in his new role as chief, and Meredith wrestles with what being the chief’s wife entails. (Episode description courtesy of

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

In Grey's Anatomy on February 5, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Last night on “Grey’s”, Derek chose ambition over friendship, Izzie returned, we discovered McSteamy has a sensitive side, Callie got to experience a miserable childhood past time and Owen found out exactly how much he means to Cristina. Is it me, or was that a lot for 60 minutes of TV?

Overall, I thought last night’s show was pretty good. I thought some parts were great, while others were not so much, which balanced out the episode to make it so-so. To me, the Derek deciding what to do about the Chief was far and away the best and most interesting plot of the night. I never thought I’d say this, but it was actually good to see Derek and Meredith go at each other a little bit. They’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. I just have my fingers crossed that last night’s fight remains the exception and not the rule.

I was a little surprised by Derek’s decision. I always thought he valued his friendship with Richard more than the Chief of Surgery position. I thought he would have confronted the Chief about his problem like he did, but tell him to get it together or he’d have to go to the board about it. I can’t believe he reported him without any kind of warning. And I was very surprised that he more or less blackmailed Meredith into giving him permission to report the Chief by using a job for Izzie as ransom. I never thought we’d see the day where McDreamy would be so underhanded. But, while I was disappointed at how Derek handled things, this was still my favorite part of last night’s show. I loved the interaction between Derek and Meredith, especially in the beginning and the very end of the episode, and I thought the scene when Derek poured the Chief a drink in his office was very good. I just wonder what happens to the Chief now.

I was wondering how Owen was going to find out that Cristina was willing to trade him for a solid cardio mentor. I was a little bit disappointed that it came from Teddy in a drunken rant, but what can you do. Last week I mentioned I couldn’t wait to see the aftermath of Cristina’s shocking offer, and this week I have to admit it was a bit of a let down if all that happens is what we got last night. I thought the scene when Owen confronted Cristina about it was great and it was cool that rather than fly off the handle he just decided to love her more, but I was expecting some more consequence for Cristina. It would have been more interesting if Teddy made Cristina stew for a couple of episodes; make her wonder if/when she was going to tell Owen what she said. Instead, it seems like the writers wrapped it up almost as quickly as Cristina blurted it out last week. Hopefully, I’m wrong and there will be more to this than we’ve seen so far.

It was nice to see Katherine Heigl’s second return from the abyss wasn’t a dud like the first one. At least she and Alex had some extended conversations this time around. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting Izzie’s reaction when Alex confessed he hooked up with some. “We can work through it.” Really?? Her husband spends the night with another woman and she just brushes it off like she got a bad grade on an exam? I couldn’t believe it. I can’t say I was heartbroken when Alex told Izzie he deserved better. She really left him hanging for no good reason. When Alex was sending her packing, I couldn’t help but wonder if the powers that be at “Grey’s” feel the same way about Katherine Heigl. You know, she’s here then she’s gone, then she’s here again then she leaves. Like Alex, maybe the show needs a gal who will stick around no matter what. With all that’s happened to Heigl and the Izzie character, I can’t help but wonder if this will be last season that she’s on the show.

As far as comic relief moments go, the Callie getting chicken pox storyline was pretty good. Normally, this would seem like a throwaway storyline, just used to fill out the script, but it had a much bigger purpose. It helped push Callie and Arizona out of that honeymoon phase and into the reality that is their relationship. I was surprised when Arizona said she never had the pox either; it seemed odd that both of them being in the 30’s never had it. I was even more surprised when she admitted that she did have it, she just didn’t want to see an imperfect Callie. It was great to see her come around at the end. As Chris Rock said, when you’re in a relationship, you have to be able to love the other person’s “crust.”

Sometimes I wish I didn’t read so much entertainment news. If I didn’t it, I would have definitely been shocked by Mark’s reaction when Lexie confessed about her and Alex. Unfortunately, I read a few weeks ago that it would be a surprise when we saw who was ticked off about their indiscretions. To me, that meant Mark was going to be the one who was upset. Anyway, I understood Mark’s point about how Lexie left him, but I still didn’t think he had a leg to stand on in this argument. They both were with someone else; Mark’s being upset about being dumped doesn’t make his liason any better than Lexie’s. I will say, I like what has been done with Mark’s character this season. He’s been given more depth, which was long overdue. I just hope that with this break-up, that they don’t put Mark in his shallow cad ways again. That would be the easy way out. It would be much more interesting to see him actually hurt for awhile.

OK, I promised to keep these recaps shorter this year, so a few random thoughts and I’m finished…

*The only storyline I didn’t truly care for was the lung patient medical case. I didn’t dislike it, but it was one of those that with some many more interesting things going on last night, I couldn’t get emotionally invested in it. Every time, they came back to it, I was thinking, “Can’t we get back the Derek/Meredith/Chief stuff?” Unfortunately, good storylines get lost in the shuffle. I understand that this case was an eye-opener for Cristina (when the patient was talking about how he lived to sing, and the camera was steadily on Cristina, they might as well have repeatedly flashed “Symbolism!, Symbolism!” on the screen), but it just didn’t do it for me.

*It looks like the Chief’s future is up in the air—at least for a little while, according to Here’s a link to the story:

*Honorable mentions for Line of the Night:

-“You mean trading Owen like a horse, or baseball card or a stale peanut butter sandwich from your lunchbox?”

-“Don’t McDreamy me.”

-“Well, McDreamy is being an a**.”

-“Scars are hot.”

-“I choose my gift.”

*I know it was a crowded episode last night, but I would have liked a little bit more Bailey. I’m just saying. She did make the most of her screen time though. I liked her scene with Derek in the hallway. I really thought Derek was going to tell her about the Chief’s drinking there.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the show. It’ll be interesting to see how Derek handles being interim Chief of Surgery next week. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Blink”

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Last night we got our first new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” in almost two months. November 19 was the last new episode that aired. That seems like a long time for a show to go on a non-summer hiatus. Anyway, I was grateful for a new episode last night. Was it worth the near two-month wait? Not really. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I just wanted a little more after such a long break. It’s my own fault for setting the bar too high. There were plenty of good stories in the hour that made this episode pretty good.

For starters, I have to applaud the writing staff for finally, finally giving Eric Dane some time to shine. I’m not 100% sold on his kid having a kid storyline, but if it gives the Mark character some long overdue screen time, I’m on board with it. I enjoyed all of his scenes last night, especially the ones with Addison (I’ll touch on the big crossover in a bit). I wrote at the beginning of the fourth season that he deserved to have a true storyline of his own. It may have taken two and a half seasons, but he got. Bravo, writers. Bravo. It’s just too bad that when he finally gets a storyline to himself, he loses his girlfriend in the process. I’m not saying Lexie walking out was right, but I can understand why she did it. Going from living with a boyfriend to living with a boyfriend, his 18-year-old daughter and newborn grandson in less than a year’s time is a lot to take on for anyone, especially someone as young as Lexie.

On the Addison front, I am always happy when she comes back to Seattle Grace. I never thought she should have left in the first place, but I understand why it happened the way that it did. I would have liked to have seen her interact with some of the other characters more, but given the circumstances of the medical case she was brought in for, I can let it slide. After all, the brief time she did have with some of the other docs did lead to the bad, but hilarious, idea of trying to set up Bailey. There a lot of good moments last night, but I think the episode highlight for me was when Bailey gave that poor doctor that McDreamy tried to set her up with her two-minute life story. It was pure genius and totally Bailey.

My favorite scenes from last night included Cristina and Teddy. I was blown away when Cristina was flying solo on a heart valve replacement and started to drown and Teddy just sat there thumbing through her magazine. That scene was intense and jaw-dropping to me. I’m not 100% sure the “sink or swim” method of teaching is the best way to go when it comes to literal life and death situations. Fortunately, Cristina made it though. The crazy thing is that wasn’t even the most intriguing part of their storyline last night. That honor goes to Cristina begging Teddy to stay and asking it would take. I couldn’t believe my ears when a) Teddy said she wanted Owen and b) when Cristina said she could have him. Whaaaat??? I’ve watched every episode of this show, and I can’t think of a line uttered by any character that got me to straighten up on my seat like that one did. After I was over the shock though; it made sense to me because of who said it. I totally believe Cristina, especially in the emotional state she was in, would trade a boyfriend in for a “Cardio God.” It’s been awhile since something happened on “Grey’s” where I couldn’t wait to see the aftermath, but this will be one of those situations.

I wondered how long Meredith would be able to keep the Chief’s drinking a secret. That was quite a secret he burdened her with. I can’t blame her for finally spilling the beans to Derek. Especially since he was so keen on finding out why he was doing less and less surgeries. I read that Meredith is going to be mad at Derek for making a secret of hers public; I can’t help but wonder if this one is it.

In honesty, the only thing I didn’t care for about last night was all of the Alex and Reed stuff. Maybe in a different episode it may have worked, but there were too many other more interesting things going for me to care about their mind games yesterday. And to make matters worse after all of their nonsense, there was no real payoff for the audience. Although I did like Alex’s line to Reed about how he doesn’t trade “get togethers” for surgery. If she wants to “get together,” she just has to ask. Speaking of Alex…

It had been teased that Alex was going to “slip up” pretty early in his marriage with a mystery woman. I never thought it would have been Lexie. I guess because at the time, I didn’t know that she and Mark were going to break-up. That was just bad, bad, bad. And Meredith is right; although Alex probably doesn’t feel like he’s married, technically he still is (shades of Derek in the first season). I’m curious to see how Izzie will react when Alex confesses. From that initial preview it looks like none too well.

Here are a few other random thoughts about last night’s show…

*I enjoyed the other medical storyline about the start quarterback. I wonder how many pro athletes (especially in football) want to quit out of fear, but can’t. I loved how Derek heroically came up with a way for him to leave the sport without actually looking like he quit. As for Cristina’s case, I enjoyed watching her patient make her run through hoops while she tried to make a decision on her heart operation. If any other doctor had this case, I would have found it annoying, but with Cristina it worked incredibly well because bedside manner is her medical Kryptonite.

*The best throwaway moment for me was when Lexie came over to shower at Cristina and Callie’s. She was expecting Owen in there only to catch Callie and Arizona. Very funny stuff.

*I have to rant about the crossover for a second. First of all, I hated how ABC pumped it up like more of each show’s cast was going to interact with one another. I remember one specific preview where it looks like Cristina is kicking Tim Daly out of the OR, but it turned out it she was talking to Owen. And I know I’ve said it before, but I feel like ABC is holding “Grey’s” fans who don’t normally watch “Practice” hostage with these crossover events. The only thing that made it a crossover was Mark going to L.A. to have Addison operate on Sloan. If someone doesn’t watch “Practice” every week, they’d have no clue of knowing what else was going on with the episode in any scene that didn’t include Mark and Addison. I know the network wants to get more people to watch “PP,” but this isn’t a good way to do it. I’m fine with “Grey’s” characters crossing over, but the episodes should be independent of each show, so “Grey’s” fans can decide if they want to watch “Practice” or not. Last night, “Grey’s” watchers had to watch that “Practice” episode, or they would have had no idea that a) Mark considered leaving Seattle for L.A., b) he and Addison “got together” and c) Sloan and the baby would be OK. Well, people would figure out “c” on the next “Grey’s”, but you know what I mean.

*Speaking of ABC’s promo department, I can’t help at laugh at how they’re marketing that “Deep End” show; “From the network that brought you ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.” Seriously, that’s the best they could do? I’m supposed to watch this show because it’s on the same channel as “Grey’s”???

*Kevin McKidd discusses the bomb that Cristina dropped at the end of the episode on Here’ the link:

*Honorable mentions for “Line of the Week”

-That’s quite a sandwich.

-“I can’t have a stumpy baby.”

-“Get me Addison Montgomery”


-“That’s not how you bond with children.”

-“You want lunch or you want the scan?”

-“They call me the Nazi, and not because of my icy blue eyes.”

-“Pig or cow?”

-“The Sloans are a passionate people.”

Well, that’s all that I’ve got. I apologize for this being so long. I think I’ll add to my list of New Year’s resolutions that I’ll learn to write more efficiently.

Have a great weekend!

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Holidaze”

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By Joe Dyton

Last night, we were treated to what looks to be the last new episode of “Grey’s” in 2009. Seven weeks seems like a long time to go without a new episode, but I won’t complain too much since we did get nine weeks in a row of new shows.

As for last night’s show, it looks like this season of “Grey’s” is going to be feast of famine. I’ve applauded the show for weeks now for writing tighter episodes with fewer storylines. Then last night, the show is all over the place again. While I thought it was good, I just felt there was too much going on, especially with three holidays crammed into 60 minutes. I wasn’t a big fan of so much time being shoehorned into one episode; I understand they wanted to get everything in before the hiatus, but if that were the case, this probably should have been a two-hour episode. Several of the storylines were meaty enough to stretch last night’s show another hour.

One of those storylines that could have used some expansion was Mark finding out he had a daughter. This might have been one of the biggest reveals in the show’s history and I don’t feel enough attention was paid to it. Every time one of Mark and Sloan’s (this won’t get confusing at all) scenes came up, it felt like an after thought. Heck, this story could have been a whole episode and that would have suited me just fine. Anyway, I liked this plot twist a lot especially since Lexie isn’t much older than Sloan. The only reason I’m not more upset about the lack of time this storyline received was because it doesn’t look like it’s a one-and-done plot. With Sloan pregnant and having nowhere else to go, it looks like she’ll be bunking with Mark and Lexie for awhile. Good times.

While Mark getting a visit from the stork was underplayed, I thought the Cristina/Owen/Teddy triangle got the right amount of time. It’s a stroke of genius to give Cristina a mentor who has history with her current boyfriend. One of my favorite scenes was when Teddy and Owen finally just put everything out on the table and it concluded with Owen saying he loved Cristina. It was nice to see a character on this show not cave in for a change. I also thought when Cristina confronted Owen about any possible feelings he had for Teddy was good too. I’d say his answer was pretty convincing, no?

Oh, the poor Chief. I disliked him for a better part of last season and going in to this year, and now I just feel sorry for him. It’s funny, for the first few years of the show, I felt Richard was more of a background character, and now that he’s been brought to the forefront, he’s gone from a statistics-obsessed number cruncher to an alcoholic. When this story arc plays out, the writers owe him some happiness. I did enjoy this storyline though; I liked his scenes with Meredith. It was great to see him offer her mentoring, even if it’s more or less an attempt to keep her quiet about his recent fall off the wagon. I am curious to see how much further the Chief is going to fall with his alcoholism, because that’s what it is, not “selected depression,” or whatever he tried to mask it as. It will make for interesting TV the rest of the season. I can’t help but wonder why Joe keeps serving him though; he obviously has a problem and Joe cares about the Chief enough to have paged Meredith. Why not just cut him off after one “club soda”? That’s what baffled me the most. I will say that James Pickens Jr. played a good drunk though. The scene where he was wobbling near the jukebox was funny and depressing all at the same time.

So, Mark’s storyline was the most intriguing, Cristina and Owen’s was the most satisfying and the Chief and Meredith’s had the most potential. But for my money, the strongest as far as writing and performances go was the stuff with Bailey and her dad. I couldn’t believe she didn’t tell her folks she was divorced. My heart broke for Bailey when her dad told her he was ashamed of her for putting her career ahead of keeping her family together. I can’t imagine too many pains worse than having your parent tell you they aren’t proud of you. And the scene of the night had to be Bailey’s “My child is happy and healthy” speech. Not only was it terrific, but it lead to some comically awkward moments for everyone else at the dinner table. This storyline also lead to the most underrated part of the show, the look on Mr. Bailey’s face when Callie told him she was dating women. Classic. And I think I remember reading we’ll get to meet Mrs. Bailey, somewhere down the road, but I have to confirm that. If Mr. Bailey is that tough, I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Bailey is like. I was just happy to see they were able to part on good terms.

As for the medical stuff, I liked the girl who was surviving without heart case (shades of the Wizard of Oz?). I was a little surprised Teddy was willing to take her outside so she could enjoy the snow, but nothing these doctors do should faze me anymore, right? I was glad she was able to get a heart, although it stunk that it came at the expense of someone else. Like Teddy told Cristina, this isn’t a celebration. Talk about a sobering moment. I thought that was interesting because on this show, we usually only see the happy side when they’re able to land an organ for a patient. I guess it’s easy to forget sometimes that someone else had to die for that organ to become available. Maybe we should change Teddy’s name from Dr. Altman to Dr. Killjoy.

The other medical case delivered my favorite moment of the show, when Derek, Mark and Arizona offered to pay for the equipment needed to successfully perform their chronic bleeder’s surgery. It also led to one of the best exchanges of the show: Mark: I have a daughter I might have to put through college. Arizona: Have you met her? It’s amazing how this show can keep things light in the most dire situations. OK a few random thoughts, and

I’m hibernating until January…

*Am I the only one who yelped repeatedly when Lexie cut off part of her finger? That was awful. They could easily had her stop cutting and said, “Ouch” and we would have known what happened. Ugh. One of the best parts about “Grey’s” is it forces me to eat dinner early on Thursday nights.

*To satisfy our “Grey’s” cravings during the winter hiatus, a series of webisodes called “Seattle Grace: On Call.” Here’s a link containing more info:

*Lines of the Night”…

-“There could be a gaggle of Sloans.”

-“(Ellis) escalated my drinking too.”

-“When you started dating women, how long did you keep that from your family?”

-“That’s my problem, I’m nobody’s (w)itch.”

 -“New Year’s Eve is a organ-palooza.”

 -“Love me some Hunt.”

-“Mark, your kids are bickering.”

-“Don’t play the race card with me.”

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Enjoy the hiatus, have a great day and wonderful weekend!

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at


“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “I Saw What I Saw”

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Editor’s Note:  Sorry for the delay in posting my “Grey’s” recaps: The post below recaps the Oct. 22 episode, “I Saw What I Saw”.


I watched Thursday’s episode last night during commercial breaks of the Yankees game. Wow, do I love the DVR. Anyway, I loved the episode. I think I actually liked how the episode was done more than the actual episode, but I thought it was all good. I really liked the “Rashomon”-style of story-telling. One of my favorite episodes of “Dawson’s Creek” (“The Longest Day”) was done in this format. For the sake of the plot, trying to find out who was responsible for losing an ER patient, I thought this style of writing was the way to go.

As I’ve said in the past, I think the best “Grey’s” episodes are the ones with fewer storylines. Thursday’s show basically had one story with a few underlying ones, which is part of the reason I thought it was so good. There was nothing goofy going on to detract from the solid stories. All the docs were focused on the task at hand. The challenge here is when there’s only one storyline, the writers better make sure it’s darn interesting because there’s nothing else for the audience to focus on. If the storyline stinks, the episode is doomed, but the whodunit story that was put into action on Thursday was top-notch. Bravo to writers’ room on this one.

Since there was only one main plot, I can’t really go into a bunch of bullets about what I did and didn’t like about Thursday’s show. I will say that I liked the structure of the episode very much. I also enjoyed the “interrogation” scenes with each doctor; I liked trying to solve the mystery along with the Chief, the HR rep and the board member. One of my favorite scenes came at the end when April was fired and Cristina of all people stood up for her when the other docs were bad-mouthing her. I felt Cristina speaking up there was the first step to bridging the gap between the Seattle Grace and Mercy West residents. But my favorite scene of all was at the very end when Derek was completely honest with the Chief about how flawed his system is. That’s why I picked the line I did. Derek was right; the whole situation was a mess; and it was the end result of the system Richard put into place.

There wasn’t much I disliked about the episode. The one thing I’d like to point out is we’ve had two firings in the last two weeks. Didn’t “House” do something like this a season or two ago, where they let doctors go every week until they got down to their current cast like it was “American Idol”? I don’t watch that show, but I thought I remember hearing about that. I’m just wondering if we should prepare ourselves for more firings as the season goes along. I could have lived without having to see the axe come out of the fireman and blood starting spouting out like a busted pipe, but other than that, I don’t have too many complaints. It would have been nice to have more Bailey, but she made the most with the time that she had. Also, I know Katherine Heigl is going to be in and out filming her movie, but couldn’t we have had a better explanation for her absence than her just leaving Alex a Dear John letter and then going AWOL? I know that led to Alex’s mental state to make him a suspect last night, but still. Honestly, I’m just nitpicking, this was a very good episode.

Here are a few random thoughts…

*After April got fired, I couldn’t help but wonder, what happens to a doctor after something like that? Are they able to find work? If I messed up here and got let go, I’m pretty sure I could find another job. But a doctor’s job is life and death, if he or she makes a mistake like April did that killed a patient, why would another hospital want to hire her? I’ve always been curious about that.

*I liked the misdirect with Alex’s blood donation. Earlier in the episode, it looked like he donated blood and lied to the Chief about it. That was very well-done.

*I never thought I’d say it, but I kind of miss having Meredith in the day-to-day flow of things.

*Some may think Arizona was mean to Lexie, but I liked her “Suck it up and lend a hand” speech. Arizona has really grown on me.

 *Line of the Night: “You should look again at who was responsible.”

*Honorable mentions for “Line of the Night”:

-“We need more uses”

-“(He) better have a brain tumor or something, because that’s unacceptable.”

-“In retrospect, I should have had a cookie.”

-“Nosedive, that’s gonna stick.”

-“He was no toddler, he was five.”

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at