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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Flight”

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Last night we bid farewell to Season Eight of “Grey’s Anatomy” in a very somber fashion. If it weren’t for Ben and Bailey’s engagement, that would have been a completely depressing hour of TV. Lexie died, there’s no rescue in sight for the other members of the Oceanic, er Seattle Grace Six, April has no future and Teddy’s leaving. And of course we can’t forget about the Chief’s residents’ dinner that none of them were looking forward to.

Just because it was a sad episode, doesn’t mean it was bad. I thought it was a little slow, but I think that was a result of the show’s somber tone. Sandra Oh was really good as was Eric Dane during his “I love you” speech to a dying Lexie. That was some of the best-written material he’s gotten in a while, it’s no coincidence last night’s show was written by creator Shonda Rhimes. I also liked the call back to the pilot episode when the residents, then interns, were being introduced to the hospital by Richard. Especially since his prediction that two of them would leave the program altogether sort of came true. Izzie and George are no longer there; granted George died, but technically the group is down a pair of docs six years later.

Sadly, a lot of suspense was killed when Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh renewed their contracts. It’s too bad that news couldn’t have been kept under wraps until the finale aired. With that announcement came out beforehand, that cut the possibilities of who was going to die in the plane crash in half. Even without that news, it’s probably fair to say that the chances of Meredith, Derek or Cristina dying were pretty slim. I also felt the ABC promo department didn’t do the episode any favors by saying ONE would die in the preview. With that knowledge, it was obvious that even though Mark wad fading, Arizona was going to talk him out of the white light because we knew Lexie had already passed. I guess if we pick up where we left off at the start of Season Nine, he could still die, but as for last night, it was no surprise he was going to live.

The big surprise was Teddy leaving. I was never that attached to that character, so Kim Raver’s departure doesn’t bother me too much. It’s a shame that it took Owen firing her to get her to take that great job opportunity, but it showed great selflessness on his part because he is going to need her if Cristina does leave him. I also thought it was selfless of her to originally turn down the job so she could be there for Owen, but that wouldn’t have been wise. Owen fortunately recognized it.

Leave it to Bailey to save the day and keep at least some of the episode light. I’m not sure how the long-distance thing will work, especially with Ben working intern hours, but for now they’re happily engaged.

A few other thoughts and we’ll call it as season…

*I was hoping the finale would open up like the first episode of “Lost”. You know, Meredith’s eye opens and there’s just a burning plane and people running around and screaming frantically. It was sort of like that, but there wasn’t as much panic as during the “Lost” plane crash, but Arizona definitely took care of the screaming. We did get another “Lost” moment though when a Dr. Shepherd (although spelled differently) needed to have his arm stitched up. So there was that.

*I had a tough time sympathizing with Alex, Jackson and April dreading the residents’ dinner. I know they all have their issues (especially April), but a free, fancy dinner that includes duck that “just falls of the bone” sounded fantastic. It was great when April said she was just going to suck it up and be happy for the night. We’ll see how long that lasts when they find out why Meredith and Cristina aren’t at dinner.

*It was a great scene when Teddy and Meredith were performing the same procedure, albeit Teddy with all the proper equipment, and Meredith with whatever they could scrape together and Cristina and Derek, who between them had two good arms.

*It’s always funny to see when and where these characters decide to open up about how they are feeling. It was sweet when Teddy explained why she wasn’t going to leave Seattle, but did she have to do it in the OR with a patient on the table?

*Going forward, I wonder how they’re going to keep all of residents in Seattle, or if they’re not going to even bother. I assume the Season Nine premiere will pick up right where we left off, so that will give the writers a little time to figure out the docs’ decisions. It’s simple for Meredith; she can just decide to stay and convince Derek they’re better off there. For Cristina, now that Teddy’s gone, maybe she’ll have her eye on the top cardio spot. Although, she can’t go from new attending to Head of Cardio, right? I’m not sure what reason the writers could come up with to have Alex stay; maybe if Arizona is laid up for a while with her injury, he might decide to hang around. As for Jackson, my fearless forecast is that April is going to be pregnant and he’ll stay.

“Lines of the Night”…

*”I don’t know. I only have one shoe.”

*”I’m married to an orthopedic surgeon and I’m staring at my bone.”

*“Tasty-Freeze, no brainer.”

*“I still have PTSD, so I’m not reliable.”

*”I found it!” “The first-aid kit?” “My shoe!”

*”You were married? To a man?”

*”You’re not a free agent anymore.”

Well, that’s all I have. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the season as a whole. Thanks for reading; I apologize for the lack of consistency in my write-ups, this year. I hope to be back on the weekly routine for Season Nine.

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