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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “The Girl With No Name”

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By Joe Dyton

I apologize for my lack of “Grey’s” recaps the last few weeks. To be honest, the show has been so lackluster lately, I haven’t really been too inspired to write about it. Other than the Cristina and Owen’s marital troubles, most of the storylines have been incredibly dull. I swear, a couple weeks ago, the writers just made up the fact that Arizona had a lot of exes at the hospital just to give her and Callie something to argue about. Anyway, I just felt like I would have been saying the same thing every week. I decided this week though that no matter how bad, uninteresting, etc. the show was, I was going to write a recap and do the same for the rest of the season.

I think I picked the right week to get back into the recap game, because I thought last night’s episode was pretty good. The main medical case with the kidnapped girl was one of better ones they had done in a while. There were no groundbreaking surgeries or anything, but it was a strong, gripping storyline and it was interesting to see how Holly’s presence affected a couple of the docs. From her parent’s perspective, it was easy to see how Richard felt for them since he knows exactly how it feels to have someone he loves not remember him. I also thought Chandra Wilson was excellent in portraying just how terrified Bailey was at the thought of Tuck being taken. I’ve seen a lot of different Bailey’s over the course of the show, but freaked out, shaken Bailey was a new one to me.

The residents going on their interviews was also interesting. It’s funny, with the intense story with Holly, I felt the interview saga could have been its own episode. Either way, it still worked. It was fun to see Cristina just soaking in all the attention she was getting from the different programs like she was a blue chip high school basketball or football star. Is anyone else concerned that given how cocky she’s being about everything that she’s going to end up failing her boards? I didn’t especially like the dirty pool Arizona played with Alex, setting him up with interviews at undesirable locations just to get him to stay at Seattle Grace. If she wanted him to stay there, why not just ask him? Or, at least set up a recruitment pitch like everyone else. My favorite part of the episode came out of this storyline as well: Owen telling Teddy to get lost when she asked him to convince Cristina to stay at Seattle Grace. I don’t blame for his reaction; you can’t tell a guy you hate his guts and then ask him for a favor.

And then there was Richard. Oh, poor Richard. There was a small part of me that didn’t feel sorry for him because he did cheat on Adele with Ellis Grey all those years. However, since that was never really depicted on screen except in that flashback episode, it was easier to forget that and just feel bad for the guy. It was especially sad when his singing their wedding song didn’t help jog her memory this time around. I think that’s when he realized that there probably was no going back and he made the selfless move to let her be with her newfound love. Does this mean the door has opened for Richard to pursue Jackson’s mom? Anyway, I feel Loretta Devine is doing an amazing job of portraying Adele with Alzheimer’s.

A few other thoughts and I’m finished…

*I thought last week’s episode was pretty good too. Part of me thinks that the show missed an golden opportunity by not having Sloan be Chief. The reason I say only part me thinks they missed is because I’m not sure if Sloan’s clichés and rah-rah approach would be as entertaining week after week. It was great for an episode though. If I’m ever the chief of something, I definitely plan to have a “Beef with the Chief” session for my employees. I also thought the flashback stuff with Owen and Cristina was really good, although I’m not sure why in the world Cristina wanted to torture herself with the play-by-play of Owen’s indiscretion.

*Not sure if anyone else is watching Shonda Rhimes’ new show, “Scandal”, but I watched the first two episodes and thought they it was pretty good.

*Line of the Night: “You’re an acquired taste, like blue cheese.”

*Honorable mentions for “Line of the Night”…
-“I love mean Kepner.”
-“English or the Jodie Foster in the woods movie?”
“I’m asking for a job, not a date to the prom.”
-“No more one hour outside of Toledo’s.”
-“Fruit just says your program sucks.”

Well, that’s all for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the episode. Have a great day and wonderful weekend!

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC and a freelance sports reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at


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