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“Grey’s Anatomy”: “Love, Loss and Legacy”

In Grey's Anatomy on October 15, 2011 at 5:38 pm

By Joe Dyton

Thursday night on “Grey’s” the heartbeat of the episode was obviously Jackson’s mother, Dr. Catherine Avery, popping in to perform a high-profile operation (let’s just leave it at that). Overall, I thought the storyline worked. Debbie Allen was great in role, not that it was any surprise. I think what I liked most about her being there was her presence wasn’t just about Avery. It was funny to find out that she and April were Facebook friends, that she always carried a torch for Richard, and of course it was great to watch her go toe-to-toe with Mark Sloan.

Mama Avery also gave us a look at how Ellis and Meredith’s relationship would have been if Ellis had been lucid when the series began. I have to imagine Ellis Grey would have been just as hard on Meredith as Jackson’s mother was on him. Nothing would have been good enough. Although the difference, in my opinion was Catherine was tough on Jackson out of caring, while Ellis was just tough to be tough.

I wasn’t sure how to react about Alex letting Derek and Meredith know that Zola had been admitted. As a human being and a friend, I totally get why Alex did it. On the other hand, doesn’t professionalism have to take priority there? It was explained very clearly what was at stake if Derek and Meredith were made aware of what was going on. I always wonder if the rules are as fast and loose at other hospitals as they are at Seattle Grace. I’m trying to think about a time when one of these docs had a dilemma like Alex and actually decided, “You know what? This is going against the rules. I want to do it, but I can’t.” If anyone can think of a time when one of the doctors did the right thing, please refresh my memory. Given this is the place where Izzie cut Denny’s LVAD wire to move him up on the heart donor list, my guess is morality hasn’t conquered all too many times.

I love Bailey, but I wasn’t all that interested in the love triangle thing she had going on last night. At first, maybe I thought it was because I just prefer Bailey in a professional setting, but I remembered that I found her marital woes with Tucker interesting. I guess I wasn’t as emotionally invested in watching her struggle between Ben and Eli because there wasn’t as much at stake. There was still plenty of funny stuff that came out her triangle; I enjoyed the scene with Henry when it was revealed that Bailey never invited Eli to the dinner party (always an awkward situation). I even liked her scene with Teddy when she told Bailey how to break it off. When I like a Teddy scene, it has to be somewhat decent. Anyway, any Bailey is better than no Bailey, so I’ll take what I can get. I just hope she’s in more interesting storylines (interesting to me at least) from now on. My guess is now that “Off the Map” crashed and burned, Ben will be back in Bailey’s life pretty soon?

A few other thoughts and I’m done….

*I loved April’s over-enthusiastically “Woo!” when  Jackson’s mother asked who was excited to make history. I also got a kick out of all the strategically-placed heads around the auditorium when her patient was on stage.

*Another good running gag was Richard trying to guilt-trip Bailey into asking Meredith to help out with his trial. I feel like he’s pumping a dry well there. If there’s anyone who actually cares about following rules at that hospital, it’s Bailey.

*I was certain that the combination of Catherine finding out that Richard was still married, Mark and Catherine’s bickering and Mark longing for Lexie, that Mark and Catherine would, ahem, “get together”. It just seemed like the perfect storm for Jackson’s mom and mentor to go there.

*Line of the Night: “Your left hand is shaking like a motel bedspread.”

*Honorable mentions:

-“You have a mom, Jackson and I have surgeons who procreated.”

-“I have to serve dinner to  a dead man walking?”

-“I am using my powers for good.”

*”Grey’s” is going to need a new lead-in; I just saw that “Charlie’s Angels” has been canceled. I don’t think anyone was surprised by that. I think we’re about four aside for new shows that have gotten full-season pick-ups versus shows that have been canceled. ABC will burn off the rest of the “Angels” episodes that have already been produced.

That’s all I have for this week! Again, sorry for the delayed delivery. Have a great weekend!!

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC and a freelance sports reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, MD. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at

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