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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Shiny Happy People”

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TGIF! I hope you all had a great night and your Friday is going well. Since next week is the “Grey’s” two-hour season finale extravaganza, I’m going to keep this week’s recap (relatively) short.

For starters, let me just say, FINALLY. After a few weeks of being stuck in neutral, I felt last night’s show actually moved forward with a few things. I guess with only one more episode to go, the writers had no choice. Like I said last week, I understand all the good stuff is being saved for next week’s finale, but did we really have to be bored until then? Last night’s show was by no means perfect, but it was definitely more interesting than the last few episodes. 

I spent the last few weeks pointing out the bad about “Grey’s”, so let’s start out by focusing on the good this time…

*It was good to get a decent-sized dose of Bailey last night. Episodes are better when she’s involved. I loved her opening scene with Ben, it’s nice to see her get involved in the romantic side of things after being on the sidelines the last five seasons. I got a kick out her and Ben singing the same tune on the elevator the next day; and the look on McDreamy and McSteamy’s faces when they put the pieces together. Her “I don’t have time to play games” speech was excellent as well. I’m glad that her character hasn’t changed just because she has a love interest. On the medical side of things, I liked her telling her burn victim patient it was OK to cry; her disappointment in seeing Ben flirt with a nurse was the fuel behind that speech, but it was a good speech nonetheless. And I guess, I have to mention her asking Sloan if one woman is enough for any man. I mean, could she have asked a worse person that question?? 

*While Bailey may have gotten the game ball from me last, night I thought Alex was great as well. Professionally and personally. On the work side, I was impressed in how determined he was to prove his young patient wasn’t crazy. Where’d that motivation come from? He usually doesn’t make the time of day for that kind of research. Maybe it was because like he said he’s lived with and dated crazy. Or perhaps Lexie is bringing out the well-rounded doctor in him. Either way, I liked his passion. On the personal side, I liked that he eased Lexie’s concerns by saying they were a thing, but I thought that was established last week. Anyway, I’m happy to see him going back to nice Alex (has a character ever yo-yoed personality-wise more than Alex in the history of TV?), and my heart will break for him if Lexie chooses Mark next week.

*Ah, Mark. He cracked me up yesterday. I still can’t believe the took Reid home; or maybe I can, who knows. I guess it’s safe to say that whenever he’s in a compromising situation, he’s going to come out of the bathroom with steam coming out of the door while he’s putting on a towel. Isn’t that exactly how the scene played out when Derek went to see Addison a few years ago? I was blown away by his quasi-proposal to Lexie at the end of the episode. I don’t doubt he loves her, but I wonder if he would have made such a bold gesture if Teddy hadn’t walked in on him. It was like he needed that push (along with a timely pep talk from Callie) to go for what he wanted. Besides the main storyline for next week (I won’t say what it is for those who don’t like to watch previews for next week), I think Lexie’s decision is what I’m most looking forward to seeing resolved in the finale. 

*I also found Meredith’s predicament interesting. I thought for sure she was going to go against Derek’s wishes/orders and tell Cristina why she thought there was something going on between Owen and Teddy. I was shocked that she was able to bite her tougnue for the whole hour. I liked her explanation to Cristina, “It was you and me for a long time, but now it’s me and Derek too.” It makes sense to me; especially considering Derek isn’t only her husband, but her boss too. It’s funny when I was watching that scene last night, I realized Meredith isn’t very interesting or compelling for the lead character in a big drama like “Grey’s”. But maybe that’s a good thing; the strength of the show is the ensemble, her character’s last name just happens to be in the title. Speaking of Derek and Meredith, what was party they were having for anyway? Was it just a pre-housewarming/groundbreaking party for the house they’re going to build?

*I also enjoyed the love story between the two elderly patients; especially since the woman was played by Marion Ross, aka Mrs. Cunningham on “Happy Days”. I liked how their story motivated characters like Callie and Mark to take a chance and made Cristina question her situation with Owen, but I liked it independent of all of that too. It was just nice to see two patients have not only have a happy medical ending, but a personal one as well. 

*The only thing about last night I didn’t care for was the Cristina/Owen/Teddy stuff. I felt like Cristina and Owen’s relationship has been spinning its wheels for too long now. I was happy when Teddy was brought on and thought her throwing a wrench in the works would make Cristina and Owen more interesting. It had its moments, but overall I could still care less what happens there. I will say that storyline picked up a little momentum when it was revealed that Teddy overheard Cristina and Owen’s argument about her, but I am still hoping that a whole lot of time isn’t spent on them next week. Just sayin’.

*I didn’t have a ton of standout lines that I liked, but my favorite exchanges were between Derek and Mark, “Go Bailey.” “Indeed.” and Derek and Meredith, “I hate your job.” “I love you.” 

Well, in an effort to keep this relatively short as promised, I’m going to wrap up here and save energy for next week’s finale recap. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Joe Dyton is a marketing copywriter in Washington, DC. He is a former assistant editor for The Dealmakers real estate magazine in Hamilton, NJ and a former sports writer and copy editor for The Trentonian in Trenton, NJ. He can be reached at Follow Joe on Twitter at


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