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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

In Grey's Anatomy on February 5, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Last night on “Grey’s”, Derek chose ambition over friendship, Izzie returned, we discovered McSteamy has a sensitive side, Callie got to experience a miserable childhood past time and Owen found out exactly how much he means to Cristina. Is it me, or was that a lot for 60 minutes of TV?

Overall, I thought last night’s show was pretty good. I thought some parts were great, while others were not so much, which balanced out the episode to make it so-so. To me, the Derek deciding what to do about the Chief was far and away the best and most interesting plot of the night. I never thought I’d say this, but it was actually good to see Derek and Meredith go at each other a little bit. They’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. I just have my fingers crossed that last night’s fight remains the exception and not the rule.

I was a little surprised by Derek’s decision. I always thought he valued his friendship with Richard more than the Chief of Surgery position. I thought he would have confronted the Chief about his problem like he did, but tell him to get it together or he’d have to go to the board about it. I can’t believe he reported him without any kind of warning. And I was very surprised that he more or less blackmailed Meredith into giving him permission to report the Chief by using a job for Izzie as ransom. I never thought we’d see the day where McDreamy would be so underhanded. But, while I was disappointed at how Derek handled things, this was still my favorite part of last night’s show. I loved the interaction between Derek and Meredith, especially in the beginning and the very end of the episode, and I thought the scene when Derek poured the Chief a drink in his office was very good. I just wonder what happens to the Chief now.

I was wondering how Owen was going to find out that Cristina was willing to trade him for a solid cardio mentor. I was a little bit disappointed that it came from Teddy in a drunken rant, but what can you do. Last week I mentioned I couldn’t wait to see the aftermath of Cristina’s shocking offer, and this week I have to admit it was a bit of a let down if all that happens is what we got last night. I thought the scene when Owen confronted Cristina about it was great and it was cool that rather than fly off the handle he just decided to love her more, but I was expecting some more consequence for Cristina. It would have been more interesting if Teddy made Cristina stew for a couple of episodes; make her wonder if/when she was going to tell Owen what she said. Instead, it seems like the writers wrapped it up almost as quickly as Cristina blurted it out last week. Hopefully, I’m wrong and there will be more to this than we’ve seen so far.

It was nice to see Katherine Heigl’s second return from the abyss wasn’t a dud like the first one. At least she and Alex had some extended conversations this time around. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting Izzie’s reaction when Alex confessed he hooked up with some. “We can work through it.” Really?? Her husband spends the night with another woman and she just brushes it off like she got a bad grade on an exam? I couldn’t believe it. I can’t say I was heartbroken when Alex told Izzie he deserved better. She really left him hanging for no good reason. When Alex was sending her packing, I couldn’t help but wonder if the powers that be at “Grey’s” feel the same way about Katherine Heigl. You know, she’s here then she’s gone, then she’s here again then she leaves. Like Alex, maybe the show needs a gal who will stick around no matter what. With all that’s happened to Heigl and the Izzie character, I can’t help but wonder if this will be last season that she’s on the show.

As far as comic relief moments go, the Callie getting chicken pox storyline was pretty good. Normally, this would seem like a throwaway storyline, just used to fill out the script, but it had a much bigger purpose. It helped push Callie and Arizona out of that honeymoon phase and into the reality that is their relationship. I was surprised when Arizona said she never had the pox either; it seemed odd that both of them being in the 30’s never had it. I was even more surprised when she admitted that she did have it, she just didn’t want to see an imperfect Callie. It was great to see her come around at the end. As Chris Rock said, when you’re in a relationship, you have to be able to love the other person’s “crust.”

Sometimes I wish I didn’t read so much entertainment news. If I didn’t it, I would have definitely been shocked by Mark’s reaction when Lexie confessed about her and Alex. Unfortunately, I read a few weeks ago that it would be a surprise when we saw who was ticked off about their indiscretions. To me, that meant Mark was going to be the one who was upset. Anyway, I understood Mark’s point about how Lexie left him, but I still didn’t think he had a leg to stand on in this argument. They both were with someone else; Mark’s being upset about being dumped doesn’t make his liason any better than Lexie’s. I will say, I like what has been done with Mark’s character this season. He’s been given more depth, which was long overdue. I just hope that with this break-up, that they don’t put Mark in his shallow cad ways again. That would be the easy way out. It would be much more interesting to see him actually hurt for awhile.

OK, I promised to keep these recaps shorter this year, so a few random thoughts and I’m finished…

*The only storyline I didn’t truly care for was the lung patient medical case. I didn’t dislike it, but it was one of those that with some many more interesting things going on last night, I couldn’t get emotionally invested in it. Every time, they came back to it, I was thinking, “Can’t we get back the Derek/Meredith/Chief stuff?” Unfortunately, good storylines get lost in the shuffle. I understand that this case was an eye-opener for Cristina (when the patient was talking about how he lived to sing, and the camera was steadily on Cristina, they might as well have repeatedly flashed “Symbolism!, Symbolism!” on the screen), but it just didn’t do it for me.

*It looks like the Chief’s future is up in the air—at least for a little while, according to Here’s a link to the story:

*Honorable mentions for Line of the Night:

-“You mean trading Owen like a horse, or baseball card or a stale peanut butter sandwich from your lunchbox?”

-“Don’t McDreamy me.”

-“Well, McDreamy is being an a**.”

-“Scars are hot.”

-“I choose my gift.”

*I know it was a crowded episode last night, but I would have liked a little bit more Bailey. I’m just saying. She did make the most of her screen time though. I liked her scene with Derek in the hallway. I really thought Derek was going to tell her about the Chief’s drinking there.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the show. It’ll be interesting to see how Derek handles being interim Chief of Surgery next week. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  1. No good reason? about she almost died from cancer, her best friend died, she lost her job…to name but a few. She had a right to be a little bit emotional. Alex should have gone to find her..she was only at her mothers..hardly the most difficult place to track down your wife! Geez.

  2. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that Izzie had the right to be upset; she had a lot on her plate. But, she is married to Alex; wouldn’t her husband have been a good person for her to lean on for support rather than run away?

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