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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap:”Invest in Love”

In Grey's Anatomy on November 6, 2009 at 7:55 pm

TGIF!!! After a long week of staying up late watching baseball, I’m excited about getting some sleep this weekend and recharging my batteries. Before that happens though, there’s an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” to dissect.

I thought last night’s episode was good. I really like the new one-character centered episode format. I thought Arizona’s case was very interesting and Jessica Capshaw carried the show as well as Patrick Dempsey did last week. I loved Wallace, the kid she had to operate on (he shockingly reminded me of a young Burke with the navy scrubs, lab coat and glasses during his “rounds” scene). Despite that, something felt a little bit “off” about the whole thing to me. It took a while, but then I realized what it was.

I’m just not that emotionally invested in the Arizona character.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode, loved Capshaw’s performance and I loved the writing. But during her high-stakes scenes in the OR, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat like I was during Derek’s big operation last week. And I think it’s because Arizona is so new to the show, that I don’t feel any attachment to her. There’s nothing wrong with giving her an episode; it was time that we got to know a little more about her, but for me personally I was rooting for the surgery to succeed for the sake of the kid, rather than Arizona. Last week, I was pulling for Derek and I’m sure I would have felt the same way about any of the other characters that have been there since Day One. That was just my take on it. There was nothing wrong with any of this, I’ve just yet to feel attached to AZ.

Just like last week, I was satisfied with the side stories. My favorite scene was hands-down Cristina’s decision to defy Dr. Hunt in the OR. I don’t know how much I buy her doing that, or Jackson helping her by bringing the screen back up, but it made for great drama. I also enjoyed watching the blow-up that resulted from Cristina’s decision. It was just two good actors going at it and I loved every minute of it. The fact that Cristina and Owen’s fight busted up Callie and Arizona’s fight made it even better. I am really looking forward to see where their relationship goes from here, especially with the other wrenches that have been thrown in the works, Jackson kissing Cristina at Arizona’s party (what was that all about) and one of Dr. Hunt’s (female) fellow military doctors becoming Cristina’s new “cardio god” next week.

I also thought Alex’s storyline was very good again. We got both ends of the emotional spectrum from him. On the dramatic side, it was cool watching him take smuch great care of a baby he assumed to be good as gone. I also couldn’t help feel for him when the Chief handed him Izzie’s $200,000 medical bill. It’s a shame Izzie didn’t save a little bit of her inheritance from Denny for a situation like this. As for the comedy side, it was fun watching Derek and Mark make comments about a shirtless Alex. Poor guy was just trying to save a babies wife and all he got was ridicule. He continues to impress this season.

Here are a few more thoughts about last night’s show…

*To expand on Capshaw’s incredible performance, the highlights for me where when Arizona told the Chief to get out of the OR, when she left it up the Chief and Larry to tell Wallace’s parents that he didn’t survive the surgery and her real and honest reaction to her surprise party. I also thought it was great when she asked his parents if she wanted to see him; talk about heartbreaking scenes.

*I hope I’m in a position one day where I can donate $25 million to a good cause without even thinking about it.

*The only downside of these single-character focused episodes is we don’t get to see a lot our favorite characters. Although I give credit to Bailey, Derek and Mark for making the most of what they’re given.

*Here are a few “Grey’s” related links for your reading pleasure Jesse Williams (Jackson) discusses his kiss with Cristina: (; and Mark and Addison will be crossing over on “Grey’s” and “Private Practice” (; (

*I couldn’t let this email go by without mentioning how painful the mushroom-loving straight-A student’s 50 broken bones looked. I loved when Cristina told her dealer to take a hike.

*Honorable mentions for “Line of the Week”

-“No, take off your shirt.”

-“Have you started to lactate yet?


-“I hate married, happy you.”

-“Is this the room for the calendar shoot? I thought it was downstairs.”

*I also enjoyed Mark’s know-it-all attitude towards surprise parties. Especially when his prediction came true.

I think that’s all I have for now. I hope you all enjoyed the episode. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


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