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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap:”Invasion”

In Grey's Anatomy on October 28, 2009 at 2:11 pm

As for last night’s episode of “Grey’s” all I can say is, darn. Just yesterday I was touting that the show was off to a great start, and then yesterday we got that odd episode. Notice, I didn’t say bad. It’s rare that an episode of “Grey’s” is bad, it was just odd in my opinion. I guess I felt it was odd because of how the merger was handled. I like the merger plot; I think it’ll give the show a shot in the arm that it desperately needed. Just about everything else has been done, especially since Derek and Meredith are married, kinda sorta. So, I don’t mind it at all, what bothered me last night was how the doctors were acting with one another. I understand when new people invade one’s turf and pose as a threat, the competitive juices will begin to flow. However, I have a tough time believing any doctor would put competition over a patient’s well-being, but that’s happened all night. This is especially ran true with Alex and his “zone partner.” Stealing charts, leaving incomplete reports, seriously?? Everyone seemed to revert back to the third grade; I mean Lexie stole her partner’s private notebook just because she made a suggestion to McDreamy that differed from hers. It was painful to watch at times. And let’s not forget Izzie almost killed her patient because she was distracted by how upset she was over the petty rivalry stuff that was going on.

I felt this episode could have been better and more realistic if say one of the Seattle Gracers was going toe-to-toe with a Mercy Wester. But, by putting everyone in the same state of mind, the tone of the episode rarely changed, with the exception of the stuff with Callie and her father (more on that later). So, for about 40 to 45 minutes we were stuck watching a constant battle of one-upmanship, which got a little tired for me after awhile.

So overall, I didn’t think this episode was bad, just odd. It was watchable, but definitely my least favorite of the four. Thanks goodness next week’s episode looks really good.

On to the high (and low) lights of the evening…

Here’s what I liked about last night’s show….

*The potential the show has thanks to this merger storyline. Like I mentioned, I thought this plot was good, it was the execution I had a problem with. But it will add a new wrinkle to the show and keep things fresh. I’m just hoping as time goes by, all the petty competitive stuff subsides a bit.

*Lexie stealing the notebook. I didn’t like the act of her stealing it (it goes along with all the petty stuff I bemoaned earlier), but I liked the comedy that ensued afterwards. I got a kick out of Lexie and the burglar patient giggling over the mantras (“I’m not a good doctor, I’m a great doctor.” “I am the future of medicine.”) If Lexie had left it at those, it would have been really funny, but when she said she noticed the nose job, it turned a little mean. Oh well, at least it was funny for a little while.

*Cristina’s breakdown. I didn’t like that she broke down (I am not that mean), but I liked the scene. Sandra Oh knocked it out of the park. Her voice got really deep while she was trying to talk and cry at the same time though, didn’t it? Anyway, I thought the scene was well-acted, well-written and I loved that she admitted she missed Burke’s tutelage. And that does raise a good question, why haven’t they replaced the head of cardio after Hahn’s departure?

*The “Go Hug Him” scene. I thought it was funny to watch Cristina inch towards Alex to hug him after he said Izzie left him as Alex began to back away. They are probably two of the most emotionless characters on the show (normally), so watching them avoid an embrace helped break up what was a pretty sad scene.

Here is what I didn’t like about last night’s show…

*The placement of Callie’s storyline. I thought Callie and her dad working out their issues was a great story and their scenes were excellent, especially their biblical blowup and their emotional make-up scene at the end. I just felt this storyline was a wrong time, wrong place kind of thing. Seattle Grace has been invaded by another hospital, doctors are tripping over one another to get to patients, and writers decide this is the episode for Callie and her dad to play Dr. Phil? That didn’t make sense to me. And speaking of which, where was Mark? Wouldn’t Callie’s best friend be instrumental in a storyline like this one?

*Izzie’s firing/leaving Alex: Ugh, what a rough scene that was. I admired the Chief for being man enough to actually fire her face-to-face and for his honesty until the HR rep reeled him in and made him go with the script. That was too bad. And did he have to mention that Alex said something? Although, if she had let the Chief finish, he probably was going to say that he was just concerned about her and hoped the Chief would keep her on board. I’d be shocked if they actually got divorced though. When Meredith asked where Izzie went, I wanted to shout at the TV, “She’s off filming a movie.”

OK, a few random thoughts and then I’m done….

*Brilliant move by ABC to have Bailey crossover on last night’s “Private Practice.” I haven’t gotten to watch it yet, but from what I understand, Bailey brings the kidney patient that Izzie almost killed to the hospital near Addison’s practice. So my guess, is we have to watch “PP” to find out the patient’s fate. What a great way for ABC to get viewers who don’t watch the show to stick around for another hour.

*I also really liked Arizona’s scene with Callie’s dad. She’s really starting to grow on me. She’s not as wacky as she was originally written last season.

*Line of the Night, “Oh, you guys raise hands.”

*Honorable mentions for “Line of the Night”:

-“This is an ER, not a school yard.” (I have to admit, that tackle the new guy put on was pretty impressive.)

-“I had a poster of Cindy Crawford on my wall, and I wasn’t looking at her mole.”

-“Are you having a case of the dark and twisties?”

-“I’m pretty sure that is five kinds of illegal.”

-“She’s not a vegetarian is she, because I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Well, I think that just about covers it. I hope you all liked the episode.


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