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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Tainted Obligation”

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Editor’s note: Sorry, I’ve been late posting my “Grey’s Anatomy” recaps. The post below recaps the Oct. 8 episode of “Grey’s”, “Tainted Obligation.”


I thought last week’s episode was solid. So far “Grey’s” is 3-for-3 in the quality episode department in my opinion. I have to think with the upcoming merger with Mercy West and everyone fearing for their jobs, that the season is only going to get better. Back to last week’s show, there was very little to dislike. I thought it was a great wrinkle putting Meredith in the tough decision to save the life of the father who was never there for her (and what a great way to explain Meredith’s absence when Ellen Pompeo goes on maternity leave). I also thought there were some good lighter, comedic storylines to offset the melodrama of Mer’s decision, namely Sloan’s patient and Cristina looking for surgery, any surgery, because as she put it, “Mama needs to cut.” The best episodes are the ones that mix in decent comedy with the dramatic medical stuff. That’s what made this show so popular in the first place.

I think the only thing I didn’t care for during the hour was Callie’s wishy-washy approach to trying to get her job back. It seemed out of character for such a confident and strong personality like Callie. If she had enough guts to tell the Chief off in front of the entire hospital, would it really be so hard for her to muster up the courage to ask for her job back? But, if a an out-of-character action is my biggest problem, I guess it was a pretty quality hour of TV.

On to my quick-hit thoughts…

*Best storyline: It had to be Thatcher’s need for a liver transplant right? There were so many layers to this story, that the whole hour could have been dedicated to it. This was the first time Meredith and Lexie’s sisterly bond was truly tested, we got to watch Meredith deal with a real, personal dilemma (trying to decide between McVet and McDreamy a few years ago paled in comparison, right?), we got some good Thatcher-Chief stuff (one of my favorite recurring storylines) and it looks like a bridge towards Mer and Thatcher’s reconciliation may have been built. I was happy to see Meredith had a chance of heart about helping her dad, if not for him, but for Lexie. Throughout the show, I didn’t think she was going to do it. My only complaint about this storyline, I could have lived without seeing Thatcher spitting up blood, but that’s just me.

*My favorite storyline: McSteamy and his patient. House Rules probably prevent me from going too much into detail about what his patient needed, but this was hands-down the most entertaining plot of the evening for me. It led to a lot of funny lines (more on that later), and it showed a little of Mark’s insecurity about getting older and dating a younger woman. It also led to the funny scene of Cristina finding out what surgery she finally landed after searching high and low all day for some OR time.

*Weakest storyline: As I mentioned in my intro, I thought Callie fretting over getting her job back was not very interesting. I was glad Arizona called her out on it made her realize how ridiculous she sounded worrying about it. While on the subject, is it me or does it now seem like Callie storming out of Seattle Grace only to come back a few months later was a big waste of time? What was the point of that? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for her just to come back when the hospital merged? That just seemed odd to me.

As for the other episode highlights….

*I loved watching Cristina trying to sniff out surgeries. Nothing was better than when she was patrolling the assignment board like a street walker.

*Along those same comedic lines, I thoroughly enjoyed the last of Alex and Izzie’s “Great Outdoors” adventure. It didn’t get much better than hearing tough as nails Alex shriek like a schoolgirl at a Jonah Bros. concert when he saw that bear. In fairness, I probably would have screamed as well. I also liked that Alex was willing to suck it up to keep Izzie happy. Who would have thought it would be Cristina who gave him marriage advice? Fortunately for Alex, Izzie saw for herself that it wasn’t a raccoon that Alex saw.

OK, a few more random thoughts and I’m finished…

*As happy as I was to see Thatcher and Meredith survive the transplant, it was just as sad to see Izzie and Owen’s patient not make it. If Izzie survives the merger, it’ll be interesting to see if she, as Owen put it, be a doctor instead of a patient when she’s dealing with cancer patients. Speaking of tugging at the heartstrings, it was tough hearing Bailey remind us that during Meredith’s operation that three of her fellow interns had been on her table and one died and the other had cancer. Hopefully Alex can remain off of Bailey’s table and avoid completing the quad-fecta.

*Speaking of Bailey, If you don’t watch “Private Practice’ normally, you may want to check it out tonight. She will be making a crossover appearance.

*Line of the night: “I had to throw a 10-ounce steak and run for my life.”

*Honorable mentions for “Quote of the Night”:

-“I couldn’t get into an OR if I was bleeding half to death.”

-“I’m not demented, I’m just old.”

-“There’s gotta be more to life than eating pudding and watching ‘CSI.’” (They could have picked any show there, but I loved that they used “Grey’s” main competition.)

-“He bathed it in gin.”

-“She’s my tomorrow.”

-“My parents were lounge lizards. I was raised in a bar.”

-“I married Lewis and Clark!”

-“All the guy wants is a woody.

-“Does the Chief pay special attention to all patients, or just the ones whose wives he had affairs with?”


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