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“Entourage” recaps: “Security Briefs”/”Berried Alive”

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Hello “Entourage” fans.

I apologize for the delayed recap on last Sunday’s episode, “Security Briefs.” I thought I’d share a few thoughts on it before I went ahead to this past Sunday’s episode, “Berried Alive.”

Overall, I thought “Briefs” was alright. The best part of the episode was the Ari-Lloyd showdown. I couldn’t blame Lloyd for finally walking out on Ari. He had been pretty abusive towards him. I guess the lesson is never to question Ari’s word. I loved the scene when Ari kept tacking on more days to Lloyd’s hazing period and Lloyd told him this wasn’t “The Breakfast Club,” this was his life. I am a little surprised that Lloyd decided to take a job offer from the slimy Adam Davies, considering it was he who got Ari fired from Terrence’s in the first place. I guess getting a shot at being an agent beat taking any more crap from Ari, even it meant working for Davies.

Drama was great in this episode as well. Watching him saunter around in that horrific make-up job was one of the week’s highlights. I got a kick out of watching him track down Vince’s alleged stalker and enjoyed it even more when he started interrogating the suspect. Nobody messes with Johnny’s “baby bro.”

I also can’t forget Frank Darabont’s hilarious cameo. His story about the “Shawshank” stalker was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled a gun out of his handbag. I hope we get to see more of him when the cameras start rolling on Vince’s Enzo Ferrari movie.

The only thing that was disappointing about this episode was the revelation of Vince’s “stalker.” I felt this was one of the most interesting storylines the show has ever had, and it turned out to be a silly sorority prank. And not only that, the victim of the prank was Turtle, not Vince! Granted, the stalker angle did allow for some funny scenes with Ari’s security team, but the plot resolution fell very flat for me.

OK, on to “Berried Alive”…

There was a lot of good stuff in this week’s episode, but let’s start with the episode title reference. I was glad E finally saw Ashely for the crazy gal she was and cut her loose. It’s too bad it took this long for him to realize she was nuts. You would have thought he would have realized it when she crashed the “Gatsby” premiere party, or spent the entire day at E’s place after they slept together. I can’t help but wonder if she left that bracelet at Vince’s on purpose now. Anyway, I’m glad the email reading request was the final straw. It is the final straw, right? We’re not going to have to deal with or see Ashley again, right? I was excited when they broke up before, only to see her back on the screen again. My fingers are crossed she’s really gone this time.

For the second straight week, we were blessed with an Ari-Lloyd showdown! This time they were racing to get Johnny out of his “Five Towns” contract (more on that later). I don’t think it came to a surprise to anyone that Ari beat Lloyd to the punch. He’s just more resourceful and connected. It was just too bad Ari wasn’t doing it for the right reasons like Lloyd was. I was upset to Lloyd leave Ari, but if it means we’ll get to see them go head-to-head as rival agents, sign me up!

As for why Johnny wanted to leave “Five Towns,” (besides Dan Coakley’s weekly torture) he had a shot to be on “Melrose 2009” after a chance encounter with one of the producers. I’m dying to know if the “Entourage” writers had any idea that “Melrose Place” was being revived on the CW when they came up with this storyline. Going by how dated the season premiere was (Leno still hosting “The Tonight Show” and Andrew getting applauded for signing the creator of the now canceled “My Name is Earl”), my guess is they had no idea. But if they did know, then I fear Johnny isn’t going to get a part on the show. It would be bizarre for Johnny to be on a TV show that is really on the air. Hopefully he gets it; I kind of like seeing Drama have some success.

I was also happy to see Drama stick with Lloyd. I mean how could he not after Lloyd’s convincing pitch. I did enjoy seeing Drama test Ari’s interest in him; it was kind of pathetic, but funny just the same.

And then there’s Turtle. I’m not sure I buy him being torn between the UCLA co-ed and Jamie Lynn. Sure the sorority gal is cute, but he’s with JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER! She’s a gorgeous, caring celebrity. This is no contest! Can’t the writers just let Turtle be happy with her while he takes business classes? Are they really so desperate to give him some conflict that they want to put him in an unrealistic love triangle? I feel like Jamie-Lynn getting offered the lead in a TV show that shoots in New Zealand is conflict enough. There was no need to throw the sorority girl in the mix. I also was a little surprised that Jamie-Lynn was so threatened by the girls stealing Turtle’s underwear. She’s a famous actress; is she really going to be jealous over some random co-eds? I didn’t really buy that either. If she was with another actor, I could understand her concern, but I don’t think Turtle is going anywhere.

Well, that does it for this week. What did you think of the last two episodes? Were you satisfied with the revelation of Vince’s “stalker” or were you disappointed like I was? Do you think Drama will be back at “Melrose?” “Will Ari and Lloyd ever repair their relationship?” Comment below!

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