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“Entourage” recaps: “No More Drama”/”The Sorkin Notes”

In Entourage on September 2, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Here are some quick-hit thoughts on the last two episodes of “Entourage”…

“No More Drama”…

*It was nice to see Vince actually have a storyline again. And it’s pretty interesting to boot. I think Vince having a stalker is a great wrinkle and it’ll be interesting to see if he or she is actually caught. *I was glad that Drama didn’t get fired from “Five Towns”. Given the title of the episode, it really could have gone either way. I loved how painfully obvious it was that he was trying to record his conversation with the studio exec Dan. He was right, it was right out of a bad cop show. I can’t wait to see just how Dan plans on torturing Johnny. And, where can I get one of those gift baskets? That thing was intense; three iPods??

*I enjoyed E’s “first day on the job” storyline as well. Ari’s pizza delivery bit was fantastic. “You’re no longer a pizza boy, you’re now a pizza man.” Eric’s retaliation wasn’t as good, maybe he should get some tips from Adam Davies. I hope the writer’s give Kate Mara more to do than just answer E’s phones. She’s such a talented actress. The highlight of E’s storyline though was Bob Saget’s cameo. He was great in the Season Two episode, “Neighbors,” but the took things to new heights in this one. I couldn’t believe he said he’s sign with Murray’s company if he could have sex in his office. And I really couldn’t believe Murray said it was fine, just as long as E had a cleaning crew come in afterwards. I also like the rivalry that looks to be brewing between E and co-worker Scotty Lavin.

*As much as I loved Saget, I laughed the hardest when one of the guns Drama brought over went off and blew out one of the windows, followed by Vince saying, “Maybe we should call Ari’s security guy.” Turtle’s Pesci in “Goodfellas” impression was pretty good, wasn’t it? The thought of those guys carrying guns was funny enough, but one actually going off was the perfect way to end the episode.

*Overall, I thought this episode was pretty good. I would have been nice to see a little more Ari, but I guess everyone has to take a backseat each week in a 30-minute show. He made his impact with the pizza bit anyway.

On to this past Sunday’s show, “The Sorkin Notes”

*I thought Ari’s security team turning Vince’s house into Fort Knox was hilarious. I loved the line about how there was about $600,000 worth of cars in their driveway and they should think about putting that kind of investment in their protection. I also liked when team was running drills in the house. Watching Drama get hauled into the bathtub and he and Turtle pretending to be Vince and an, ahem, overnight guest was a riot. After finding the possible stalker’s driver’s license in the couch, I wonder if they’ll be able to track him down.

*It was depressing to see E dragged back into the Ashley-Sloan mess. I was hoping after last week, we’d get to see him concentrating more on his new job. Instead he spent the episode working with Vince’s security team and getting ready to meet Sloan for “friendly drinks.” Ugh, enough with the soap opera stuff already. I will say I was glad that E put Sloan in her place and said he was sick of the back and forth. I just wished he didn’t go back to Ashley. She’s like the neighborhood cat, she won’t go away. Hopefully her time will be up by the end of this season.

*As each week goes by, it looks more and more like Babs was right about Andrew. It was pretty horrifying that he slept in Ari’s office and woke up to a crowd of people while he was in his PJ’s. Although I enjoyed watching Andrew drive his car through his living room (for a minute, I thought he was going to run over his wife), I wasn’t a big fan of that scene. It went on for too long and while Jami Gertz was great when she went storming through the Miller Gold office a couple of episodes ago, her screaming was a little annoying this time to me. Like I said before, I’m more interested in how Andrew’s affair affects his relationship with Ari, rather than Marlo. Speaking of Andrew…

*I loved the Sorkin cameo. He was great. I loved that he wasn’t shy about his dislike for Ari and Babs. The highlight of the episode for me was that he was willing to go to see Andrew in jail to meet with him. His ideas sounded that interesting I guess. And how about the fact that Andrew was able to sign him and save his job? A pretty decent ending to an otherwise awful day for Mr. Kline.

*Overall, this episode was OK. E’s back-and-forth with Sloan and Ashley turned me off a bit, as did Andrew’s fight with his wife. I’m looking forward to seeing how if the stalker is caught in the next episode.

So, what did you think of these last two episodes? Will Vince’s stalker get caught? Will Andrew last even a year at Miller Gold? Will Sloan and E ever make it work? What exactly does Dan Coakley have in store for Drama? Comment below!

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