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“Grey’s Anatomy”: Season 5 In Review

In Grey's Anatomy on May 22, 2009 at 3:06 pm

After the wild ride that was “Grey’s Antomy’s” fifth season, I thought it deserved some analysis. Overall, I thought the season was pretty good. Uneven, but good. It started out just fine, but got derailed in the middle by the Denny thing and way too many things going on in too many episodes. I thought the show redeemed itself down the stretch when the Denny appearances began to fade and there was less going on each hour. The show found its focus again. And believe me, I’d much rather the season be weak earlier and get better than the other way around.

Below are some other thoughts and some awards. Like my Season 5 preview, I adopted a format from one of my favorite writers,’s Bill Simmons, and used lines from another one of my favorite movies, “Office Space.” I figured why not use a workplace movie to dissect a workplace show.

 Here are my other thoughts about “Grey’s” Season Five….

 1) “Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment. Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment. Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment. Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment. Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment.”

The most repetitive sequence in the movie has to go the most redundant storyline of the season: the Cristina and Owen romance. How many times did we see these two get together, hit a roadblock, bump into one another followed by awkward silence and stares? This went on all season! Like I mentioned in my season finale recap, now that Owen claims he’s well, I hope that he and Cristina can just be a regular run-of-the-mill couple with the occasional argument like Derek and Meredith.

 2) “I gotta get out of here, I think I’m gonna lose it.”

            (a) “I’d say in a given week, I do about 15 minutes of real, actual work.”

            (b) “What would you say…you do here?”

            (c) “I don’t like my job, and I don’t think I’m going to go anymore.”   

All of the above go to Mr. T.R. Knight. The poor guy got so little screen time this season, he was rumored to want to leave a full-time gig on one of the most popular TV shows in the world. This isn’t Patrick Dempsey, who if he left the show, he’d find a role somewhere else in about 30 seconds. T.R. Knight, while very talented, was a relative unknown before he was cast on “Grey’s,” so I can’t think there would be any guarantees that he’d be employed right away. That should show just how badly he wanted out of his contract. Will he get his wish? I guess we’ll find out in September.

 3) “What if we’re still doing this when we’re 50?”

 This one is shared between the cast of “Grey’s” and the show’s fans. Originally, I believe “Grey’s” creator Shonda Rhimes had a seven-season plan in her head for the show. Now she’s saying she has no end date in mind. That must be music to ABC’s ears since “Lost” will be over next year, and if “Desperate Housewives” ends in the next season or two, ABC is going to want to keep “Grey’s” around for as long as possible. There’s no way they’ll want to lose all three of their signature hour-long shows in such a short span of time. So, we could be looking at “Grey’s” having an “ER” like run where the show is driven into the ground for so many years past its prime that we don’t even recognize it anymore. “ER” ran for 15 seasons; “Grey’s” just finished its fifth. Could you imagine watching this show for 10 more years? I can’t, and it’s one of my favorites.

 4) “You know there are people in this world who don’t have to put up with this (stuff)?”

 To poor Brooke Smith. The woman gets one of the biggest, if not the biggest, career boost of her life with a full-time gig on “Grey’s,” only to have the rug pulled from under her when ABC fell out of love with the Dr. Hahn character. It’s been well documented that I was never a big fan of Dr. Hahn, but Brooke Smith didn’t deserve to be fired. She did a great job in the role, and if the writers were given a little more time, I’m sure they could have fleshed out her character a little bit more. Speaking of which, are we ever going to find out what happened to Dr. Hahn?

 5) “That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life.” “Yes, this idea is horrible.”

 I think it goes without saying this goes to bringing Denny back for a multi-episode arc to represent the cancer that spread to Izzie’s brain. I thought “Grey’s” hit it’s all-time low when Izzie was experiencing “get-togethers” with her deceased fiancé. But, that’s just me. What bothered me the most what that Denny was one of the most likable characters to walk the halls of Seattle Grace and he was ruined for me this season. I thought the writers would have learned their lesson with the Ava debacle last season, but I guess I was wrong. I think every TV show should have a common fan sit in the writers’ room and wave their hand when bad ideas like “Izzie will consistently hallucinate her dead fiancé to the point they end up “getting together” or “an attending pediatric surgeon will get into an argument with her girlfriend in the middle of a busy ER,” come about. I think that would be a fun job actually.

 This also goes to other bad ideas this season like turning the Chief, one of the show’s most grounded, well-liked characters, into an unlikable, numbers-obsessed company man and turning Callie, one of the shows strongest, level headed characters into a blubbering fool at times (was there anything more painful than when she approached Arizona at Joe’s Bar when AZ was on a date?) and a whiner. I also thought it was a bad idea to throw Callie right back into a relationship after she broke up with Dr. Hahn. I think her character would have been better served to take some time for herself after the break-up.

 6) “What am I going to do with 40 subscriptions to ‘Vibe’?”

 I’m sure the writers felt as overwhelmed as Peter did when they had to shoehorn all of these characters into an hour’s worth of show. I liked Dr. Hunt a lot and Arizona didn’t bother me terribly, but as character after character got added to this cast, I felt the quality of the episodes wasn’t as good. The writers were trying to squeeze everyone in to each episode and stronger storylines were getting deprived of quality time to make room for the “D” and “E” (and sometimes “F” and “G”!) storylines. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the show got stronger once episodes were focused on a couple of characters each week and if others didn’t have that much to do, than so be it. If George and/or Izzie don’t return next season, I hope they aren’t replaced. The show was at its best when the cast was smaller.

 7) “If you hang in there long enough, good things can happen in this world. I mean, look at me.”

This could be Katherine Heigl’s mantra, right? She publicly threw the “Grey’s” writing staff under the bus by saying she wasn’t given material worth submitting to the Emmy committee. Then, she reportedly wanted off of the show. Instead, she stuck it out, got an excellent story arc this season and is now clearing space on her mantle for another potential Best Supporting Actress Emmy Award. I guess it’s true that the squeaky door gets the oil. Speaking of Heigl….

 8) “What if – and believe me this is a hypothetical – but what if you were offered some kind of a stock option equity sharing program. Would that do anything for you?”

I can’t help but wonder what ABC and the show’s producers are willing to offer Heigl and Knight to keep them on the show. More money? More screen time? Script approval on all of their character’s storylines in the future? Honestly, I think if they want to leave, let them go.

 And finally….

 9) “People can order a cheeseburger anywhere. They come to Chotchkie’s for the attitude and the atmosphere.”

 I think the “Grey’s” writing staff forgot what an amazing product they have for parts of this season, and how much this show means to its loyal viewers. Like what Jennifer Aniston’s boss told her about their restaurant rings true for most “Grey’s” fans: we can watch silly, nonsensical TV shows any other day of the week. We tune in Thursdays at 9 p.m. to watch a well-written, well thought out medical drama that features characters that we can relate to and love. So next season, I hope that we won’t see ill-timed arguments (see Item #6 again), unbelievable scenarios (surgical interns operating on themselves with practically zero repercussions) or anything else that we can catch on other sub-par dramas. One of the reasons I like “Grey’s” so much is because it feels real. Am I the only one who thought it got a little cartoonish at times this year?

 Here are a few postseason awards…

 *Season MVP: This is tough because I don’t think anyone was particularly outstanding from Episode One to Episode 24. There were several people who had strong multi-episode bursts, but I think the most castmember who good the most consistently was Katherine Heigl. I don’t like a lot of the stunts she’s pulled, but I can’t dismiss the strong effort she gave this season. I honestly think she was better this year than when she won the Emmy a couple of seasons ago.

Honorable Mentions: Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson

 *Best episode: Episode 7, “Rise Up” I loved the season finale and the second of the three “Grey’s”/”Private Practice” crossover episodes, but I really loved the story behind “Rise Up.” For my money, it didn’t get any better than watching Izzie have to come face-to-face with the patient whose heart she stole for Denny. It got even better when Dr. Hahn put two and two together, but the real surprise was when Callie came to Izzie’s defense when Hahn wanted to have Izzie suspended. And yes, I do see the irony that my favorite episode of the season was Hahn’s last one after I already said she didn’t deserve to fired.

Honorable Mentions: Episode 13 “Stairway to Heaven” (Izzie realizes she’s sick; Meredith considers using a death row inmates organs to save a kid), Episode 15 “Before and After” (the true “Grey’s”/”PP” crossover episode), Episode 18 “Stand By Me” (Fellow docs try to get Derek to come back to work, Cristina spills the beans about Izzie’s condition), Episode 24 “Now or Never” (season finale)

 Best Moment: I’m hard pressed to find a better moment than when Derek officially proposed to Meredith. The elevator is almost like another character on the show, so that was the perfect place for Derek to do it. And plastering the walls with scans from their different surgeries was icing on the cake.

 Honorable Mentions: Izzie and Alex’s wedding, Meredith and Chief finally coming to and understanding, Izzie realizing she was sick, Sadie exits stage right from Seattle Grace (sorry that was mean).

 Best story arc: Eric Stoltz’ three-episode run as a prison inmate on death row. I just found those episodes very chilling and Stolz’ performance was absolutely convincing and outstanding.

Honorable Mentions: Derek’s downward spiral after he lost his pregnant head trauma patient (Patrick Dempsey’s best work on this show ever), Izzie’s illness (Denny hallucinations aside)

Lines from “Office Space” that I wanted to use, but just couldn’t find the right reference point:

 -“We have a problem here, yeah.”

-“Did you see the memo?”

-“No thanks, man. I don’t want you (messing) up my life too.” (although this one could go to Patrick Dempsey who was probably thinking something along these lines when Isaiah Washington was hoping he’d come to his defense after the T.R. Knight debacle)

-“I’m also gonna need you to come in on Sunday, too.”

 Well, I think that’s a wrap. Season Five was a lot like a roller coaster: it had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but when the ride was over I was thankful for the thrills and can’t wait to do it again. Season Six can’t start soon enough!

 I hope you all enjoyed this season as well. Enjoy the hiatus and thanks so much for talking about this show with me every Friday. It’s been a lot of fun.

 Have a great day and a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Grey’s Anatomy recap: “Here’s to the Future”/”Now or Never”

In Grey's Anatomy on May 15, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Last night the fifth season of “Grey’s” concluded all I have to say is Holy Cow! I know “Lost” teased a game-changer ending, but I thought “Grey’s” ending could be an even bigger game-changer if you ask me. I guess it all depends on Izzie and George’s fates, which will have to wait until the fall. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s break down this two-hour thrill ride…

General thoughts on the episode: I thought this finale was very good. It’s no small order keeping a drama interesting for a whole hour, let alone two, but I thought the writers. Allan Heinberg (Part 1, “Here’s to the Future.”) and Debora Cahn (Part 2, “Now or Never”) did a great job of that last night. I felt that there was very little filler, some but not much, but for the most part just about every scene mattered. I was very happy that most of the focus was on Izzie and her gut-wrenching decision whether or not to let Derek try to remove a tumor from her brain and the aftermath of the surgery. “Grey’s” has a history of not giving the most important storyline as much attention that it deserves, but that mistake wasn’t made last night. I really liked how different things happened during Izzie’s decision making process (her friend going on life support/her losing her memory and speech during a test) to make her see-saw on what to do. I thought by making her see both sides of the coin, it made her decision-making process that much more interesting.

Best storylines: Of course, Izzie’s struggle over what to do was the most intriguing, but there was a lot of other good stuff to latch on to from last night also. Even if it was one of the worst-kept secrets during the TV season, I liked the George-enlisting-in-the-Army storyline. What I liked about it was how he just went for it. He didn’t ask for anyone’s advice, he just realized he had a calling and enlisted. I also liked this storyline because of how all of the doctors reacted. I enjoyed the comical reactions from Alex and Cristina as well as Bailey’s stunned anger and how it temporarily put Callie and Arizona at odds. I also got a kick out of everyone rallying together to stage an intervention for George. I know going off to war is a big deal, but it’s not like he was on drugs or something.

 Speaking of George, I have to add his critical condition to the best storyline lot, even though it was a mere medical case until Meredith realized who their John Doe was. When the doctors were working on him and debating whether pushing the girl out of the way of the bus was stupid or heroric, and Hunt chimed in with, “He’s a hero,” I had a bad feeling it was George. I spent the rest of the episode hoping that I was wrong, but when “John Doe” was trying to write something to Meredith the first time, and T.R. Knight was absent for a most of the whole second hour, that pit in my stomach just wouldn’t go away.

Worst storylines: Trust me, there have been worse storylines than this one, but I wasn’t a big fan of the Mark-Lexie stuff. It did provide some much-needed comic relieve to offset the Izzie storyline, but it just didn’t really fit with what was else was going on that day. I just don’t see a doctor as serious as Sloan picking out a new place while he’s on the clock. I did like when Derek overheard Mark’s initial conversation and Mark asked him how much heard and Derek said, “Which part? The part where you ask her to move in with you, or the part where she turned you down?” I also liked watching McSteamy get tips on how to be “the woman’ in a relationship. So, like I said, this storyline wasn’t bad, it was more so misplaced. It would’ve held a lot more water in a more relationship-themed episode. It got kind of lost last night, and a moment like commitment-phobe Sloan asking a woman to live him should not have gotten lost in the shuffle like that.

I also didn’t care for the “Chief trying to lure Bailey back to general surgery with fancy equipment storyline.” The Chief has been more unlikable than likable for me this season, but I thought he was taking a turn for the best near the end here. I guess I was disappointed that he tried to bribe Bailey away from pediatrics with robots. It just seemed infantile. I’m just glad that the Chief-Arizona battle for Bailey’s soul didn’t go on for the entire two hours. That would have been brutal. I was just glad that a) the Chief redeemed himself by being there for Bailey in her time of need and b) that she choose to go back to general surgery not because of the robots but because she knew there’s no way she could be a single mom and take on a new specialty. (Is Tucker the least supportive husband in TV history?)

Best performances: There were no bad performances last night (there rarely are), but I especially liked Chandra Wilson’s “We’re all scared” speech near the end. That was the stuff “Best Supporting Actress” Emmy’s are made of. Justin Chambers was also excellent last night. Watching him go through an array of emotions (supportive, scared, angry) in such a short time span was very impressive. I think he deserves some consideration for season MVP this year. Sandra Oh’s “I love you” speech was excellent as well, and of course I can’t forget Katherine Heigl, who has been great ever since Izzie’s cancer storyline began. This show really bounced back from a lackluster middle of season and became very good down the stretch, and while the stories and writing got better, I think the actors had a lot to do with it (even Ellen Pompeo stepped it up) as well.

 Other random thoughts about last night:

 *One of my favorite scenes from last night was the George/Owen fake out, when it was made to look like Owen asked Cristina to go to the recruiting station with him, when he was really going to see him mom and it George who was enlisting. I thought that was very well done.

 *It was great to see my man, Zach Gilford from “Friday Night Lights” get a guest star role as the patient who was requesting a leg amputation. It was definitely strange hearing him without his bit of a Texas twang though.

 *Now that Owen has seen his mom and he says he’s well, I hope that he and Cristina can mesh into a regular couple. This dance they’ve done all season has been absolutely exhausting. I still feel that Cristina lacks the chemistry with Owen that she had with Burke, but maybe now that the issues between them have dissipated, the chemistry will be more visible.

 *I don’t know, I kind of liked Derek and Meredith’s “wedding.” I’m sure they will have to go City Hall to make it truly official, but I felt their little vow exchange in the changing room was very “them.” More so than the wedding they were supposed to have last week.

 *Lines of the Night:

 -“Screw the DNR.”

-“That’s quality booty.”


-“We’re gonna get you a pair of wheely shoes.”

-“If we were George and Owen, we’d hug right now.”

-“I got the whole (darn) thing.”

-“007 joined the army?”

 And finally….

*Wow, what a way to end the season. George and Izzie both seeing the white light as the “Grey’s” title card comes up. I don’t know what else to say except shouldn’t “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” been playing during that scene. When Izzie went to the elevator in her prom gown, I expected the doors to open and she’d see Denny again, but what a surprise to see George in full military gear and haircut waiting for her. What makes this cliffhanger so great is that with T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl reportedly wanting off the show, there are no guarantees that George and Izzie make it. There’d be less doubt if this happened a few seasons ago.

 So, overall I felt “Grey’s” ended on a good, although sad, note. This was a very strong finale and I hope the start of Season Six is just as good. Thanks to you all for chatting “Grey’s” with me every Friday morning. I look forward to doing it again in the fall!

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Lost thoughts: The Incident

In Lost on May 15, 2009 at 7:11 pm

Hello Losties!

Well, Wednesday night, we were treated to two-hour Season Five finale of “Lost,” which I thought  was pretty good. It was definitely more action packed than last week’s episode, which makes sense. Last week’ show set ‘em up, and last night’s knocked ‘em down.

 I was glad that we finally got see Jacob, but I was disappointed that we didn’t get to find out more about him. It would have been nice to know how and why he interacted with “Katie,” James (Sawyer), Locke, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Jack and Hurley in the past. I found it interesting that he seemed ageless like Richard Alpert. I honestly didn’t think that Ben would go through with killing him like Locke asked him to. But, once Jacob asked Ben, “What about you?”, I figured that would push Ben over the edge and Jacob was cooked (Literally cooked! I can’t believe Locke kicked him into the fire). With a whole season to go, do we really think we’ve seen the last of Jacob?

 While it was great to see Locke and Ben finally meet Jacob, I enjoyed the “30 years ago” storyline more than the present day one. I was very intrigued by the Jack’s plan to set off “Jughead.” I guess our question about how Sawyer, Juliet and Kate were going to get off the island was answered pretty quickly. I have to admit, I kind of like tough, aggressive Juliet. That was quite a kick and punch combo she used to help them escape. I couldn’t believe Sayid got shot, but I did enjoy the gunfights, especially the second one. It was nice to see them all working together.

Was there a more awkward pause than when Jack dropped the bomb down the hole and nothing happened? I found it comical when everyone closed their eyes expecting the worst, and the kaboom never came. Sawyer said it best, “This doesn’t look like LAX.” Speaking of Sawyer, my favorite scene of the episode was when he was trying to save Juliet from falling in with the debris. I know he’s told Juliet that he loves her before, but last night was the first time I could really see it. What a heartbreaking moment that was.

And just when it looked like Jack’s plan was much ado about nothing, Juliet finally gave the bomb enough whacks for it to finally explode. What happened after that? I guess we’ll have to wait until 2010. I can’t help but wonder if rather than the explosion sending them back to their flight to LA, if they’ll just end up on the island, but in present day with Locke, Sun and the others. I wonder if that’s what Jacob meant when he said to Locke during his last moments, “They’re coming.”

While I liked the ‘70s side better last night, there was some intrigue us 30 years in the future. How about the Flight 316 crew (remember them?) delivering Richard a cargo box with Locke’s dead body in it? Huh??? Who the heck was meeting with Jacob? Is Locke truly dead and the person leading the Others is just a figment of everyone’s imagination like Jack’s father is? Or is the Locke beneath the statue Locke for a different time like when he was watching himself give Richard the compass last week? That scene blew my mind. I was worried we weren’t going to get to see what was in that box. Other than that though, I thought that part of the episode was pretty vanilla. It was just a lot of walking around, but seeing that Locke truly is deceased, but alive at the same time and Ben stabbing Jacob more than made up for the rather lackluster future parallel universe.

 Here are a few other things I enjoyed about last night:

*That we got to see Rose, Bernard and Vincent again. They looked so at peace in their beachfront retirement home.

*Although it wasn’t explained, I liked Jacob’s interactions with a lot of the characters. Especially young Kate and Sawyer. I also love that Kate tried to steal a New Kids on the Block lunchbox. That was classic.

*Everything Locke. He cracks me up with his no-nonsense comments. He really grabbed that leadership role by the horns, didn’t he?

 As for what I didn’t enjoy:

*Jack and Sawyer beating the snot out of each other. Also, I don’t think Jack would stand a chance against Sawyer in a fistfight.

*Watching poor Sayid’s wife become a hit-and-run victim. Not good times.

*Being teased about a wedding scene only for it to be Sun and Jin’s. Although Sun made a very beautiful bride.

 A couple of random things…

 *Exchange of the night: Locke: Mind if I ask you a question? Ben: I’m a Pieces.

*I thought young Juliet looked more like a young Claire.

*It was cool seeing the full statue in the beginning of the episode. I wonder what’s happened to it over the years.

 Burning questions:

*How is Locke dead and alive at the same time?

*What does lie beneath the shadow of the statue?

*What happened after the explosion?

 Well, I hope you all enjoyed the episode and this season. I can’t believe next year is it!

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Grey’s Anatomy recap: “What a Difference a Day Makes”

In Grey's Anatomy on May 8, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Last night, corks were popped and the champagne was flowing as “Grey’s” Anatomy celebrated its 100th episode. It’s amazing to think how far this show as come. When it started back in March of 2005, it was just this mid-season placement hospital show with a largely unknown cast with the exception of Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh (back then, at least to me, Ellen Pompeo was “Luke Wilson’s love interest in “Old School,” and Katherine Heigl was “the girl from ‘My Father, the Hero and ‘Roswell’”. Now “Grey’s” is a primetime phenomenon. I almost didn’t give this show a second look after watching the pilot episode, but I’m glad I decided to watch it again the following week. I’m hooked on this show and will watch every episode until it goes off of the air, no matter how silly it can be sometimes.

OK, enough reflecting, let’s take a look at last night’s show. I thought it was very good. I mean, it’s very tough to top a surprise, emotional wedding, learning a character’s life or death fate and watching doctors scramble madly in the ER to save as many car accident victims as possible. I can’t help but think if the penultimate episode of the season has such high-stakes storylines going on, I can only imagine how good next week’s two-hour finale is going to be. But, let’s focus on the good from last night’s show shall we?

There was very little to dislike about last night. I thought the wedding scene (the highlight of the show, if not the series) was exceptionally well done. And as much as we all wanted to see McDreamy and Meredith finally tie the knot, I can appreciate what they did for Alex and Izzie. With Izzie not knowing how much time she has left, it was great that they gave her and Alex their day. I mean, it was Izzie’s dream wedding after all. Shouldn’t she be the one to walk down the aisled? Besides, that wedding wasn’t really Derek and Meredith’s style anyway. I thought Meredith put it best when she told Cristina she wasn’t looking forward to the wedding as much as was the marriage. It is me or has the future Dr. Grey-Shepherd taken some big strides in the maturity department this season?

 I thought the storyline building up the big wedding was also very good and exciting. Watching Dr. Hunt and Co. try to save the college kids that got in the car accident was quite a thrill. “Grey’s” doesn’t usually treat us to hectic ER scenes like that. It was a nice change of pace. My only issue with that story was the placement. As much as I enjoyed the fast pace and excitement, I wish it wasn’t the lead-in the wedding scene. In any other episode, it would have been fine, but the last thing I wanted to see while anticipating (originally) Derek and Meredith getting hitched is a ton of doom and gloom. I mean blood and guts everywhere, kids dying left and right, actually having to watch them get zipped up in body bags, it was too much! This was supposed to be a happy day! I guess from an artistic standpoint, the viewers’ reward for having to deal with so much trauma was the wedding, but still. I would have much rather seen that storyline in just about any other episode this season, with the exception of “Elevator Love Letter” when McDreamy proposed to Meredith. I mean, wouldn’t the ER stuff made for great season finale material?

 Alright, let’s dig a little deeper in to the big 100th

 *Here’s what I liked about last night:

 *The wedding. What more can I say? Well, I guess I can say what I liked about the wedding. Like…

 -The fact that Derek and Meredith gave up their day for Alex and Izzie. What a great idea by Bailey!

-Meredith’s “this isn’t my dress” scene. How great was it when Izzie asked whose dress it was and Alex popped in the door in a tux? Talk about characters growing up this season! Alex has been great.

-I also loved the pre-wedding scene with Izzie, Meredith and Cristina when Izzie assigned Meredith as best man (hilarious) and Cristina as her maid of honor, which led to one of the best and most heartfelt “Grey’s” exchanges ever: Cristina: “So what am I, leftovers?” Izzie: “You tried to save my life. That makes you honorable.”

-George helping a visibly weak Izzie get down the aisle. I mean, was there anyone more appropriate to give her away? He probably should have walked her down the aisle from the get-go. I loved the handshake and exchanged looks of respect George and Alex gave to one another.

-I was a little torn on Alex’s vows. They were delivered well and were heartfelt, but they felt a little hollow since he took them from the one girl’s graduation speech. At the same time, I felt like he was honoring her in a way, so I didn’t mind it too much. Heck, it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion, I’ll give Alex a “Thumbs Up” for his vows.

 *Meredith’s solo surgery. What a great and original wedding gift from McDreamy. And it looks like she nailed it. What made this scene great was the Chief’s hovering. I thought that was very funny. I also got a kick out of McSteamy picking that time to give his “you better be good to my best friend” speech.

 *The bond forming between George and Dr. Hunt. It seems like the guys Cristina falls for want to take George under his wing, don’t they? First Burke and now Owen? Anyway, I loved the pep talk Owen gave George after he was feeling down on himself about losing so many of those car accident patients. It looks like he’s fully paved George’s career path towards trauma.

 *As for what I didn’t like…

 *The graphic scenes in the ER. Like I mentioned before, I loved the storyline and the high stakes medical stuff that was going on, but I could have lived without seeing blood squirt out of bodies like a leaky faucet and a girl’s internal organs. What was this, “Saving Private Ryan”??? I yelped out aloud during the close-up of the girl’s stomach. Ugh.

 *Waaay too much Callie and Arizona. I feel for Callie, I really do. She’s broke (which I still don’t understand. I know her father cut off her funding, but she mentioned he cleaned out her bank account. Isn’t some of that money what she earned from working??), and she can’t afford to go to fancy restaurants with Arizona. But we didn’t need this storyline, not last night. Not on a night when Izzie found out she does have a brain tumor, there was a wedding to be celebrated and a very busy day in the ER going on. Did anyone else groan when Arizona was yelling at Callie about their relationship when Callie was trying run the ER? These are the situations where the writers need to step back and say, “Wait a second, would an attending physician really bother another doctor in a busy ER to talk about their relationship issues?” I’d buy that scene if Arizona wasn’t a doctor and didn’t know any better, but there’s no way she does something like that being a doctor herself.

 *Seeing Denny again. I thought we were past this, but I guess without Izzie hallucinating again, Derek and Bailey never would have found the tumor. I did find it interesting that when Izzie was calling for him and he showed up, Denny said, “I’m here for you, Izzie.” Did he mean he was there for her in support, or was he there for her in a grim reaper kind of way to take her to the other side? It can’t be a coincidence that he was dressed all in black every time he came on the screen. If Izzie does opt for surgery next wee and makes it, I hope the Denny sightings are over. It’s time to move on.

 OK this ran a little long, so a few more random thoughts, and I’m finished…

 *Honorable mentions for “Line of the Week.”

-“We’re getting married tonight.” 

-“Because you wanted to get your freak on with Rollerskate Girl.”

-“I don’t want to be his best man a third time, if you know what I mean.”

-“I was out $75 and I don’t even like salad.”

-“Best non-wedding day ever.”

 *I know Meredith and Derek are doctors, so being at the hospital constantly comes with the territory, but I plan to be nowhere near my office on my wedding day.

 *I also wanted to mention, I liked Cristina showing her commitment to Dr. Hunt by hammering down the ceiling fan. Hopefully those two will hammer out any remaining issues in next week’s finale and hit the ground running with a solid relationship next season.

 *It seems “Grey’s” creator Shonda Rhimes no longer has the series ending mapped out in her head. Check out this article, courtesy of

 *Chyler Leigh (Lexie) had her baby yesterday. Her new daughter’s name is Anniston Kae.

 Well, I think that’s all that I have. I hope you all enjoyed the 100th episode as well. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

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