Joe Dyton

Lost thoughts: “He’s Our You”

In Lost on March 27, 2009 at 5:44 pm

Hey “Lost” fans,

Here are a few quick-hit thoughts about Wednesday’s episode of “Lost,” “He’s Our You.”…

I liked the episode, even though it was totally not what I was expecting. The promos from last week showed that burning van, and I thought all heck was going to break loose last night. But, other then that van and the final scene, the episode was very tame.

 I liked that we got to see how Sayid went from Point A to Point B. I hope we get a Hurley-centric episode like that this season too to see how he went from being in prison for murder to boarding a flight to Guam without the authorities. It’s interesting, when we first saw Sayid getting onto that plane, I assumed he was under arrest, but it turns out he’s been captured by someone just like him. As rough as that first scene was, I think it was important to show that he’s had that killer instinct since he was a kid.

I think my favorite scene was when the Others had Sayid captive and he was given that truth serum tablet. I was on the edge of my seat (as was Sawyer apparently) wondering just how much he was going to reveal. I loved the look on the Others’ faces when Sayid was describing all of their stations, including the one that hadn’t been built yet. I was hoping he’d get to explain a little bit more when he told them they were all going to die. I would have loved to have seen their reaction when he told them that young Ben Linus was going to lead “The Purge.”

And speaking of Ben, wow! I couldn’t believe Sayid shot him. Well, then again maybe I’m not that surprised. He seems to have no boundaries. I can’t help but wonder what happens to Ben in 2007 now. At first I thought that might be why he’s lying on that cot unconscious with the rest of the injured 316 survivors. But then again, he could be hurt from when Sun knocked him out with the oar last week. Either way, I was floored when young Ben fell to the ground.

Aside from the Sayid story, I got a kick out of the cafeteria scene; Hurley is the best. It was a little strange to see Jack so willing to sit back and let Sawyer handle things. I guess as much as he hates to admit it, he knows it’s the best way to keep everyone safe for now. Speaking of Sawyer, I felt bad for him last night. All he wanted to do was keep Sayid safe; but Sayid seemed to want nothing to do with it. I couldn’t believe how lopsided the Others’ vote to off Sayid was. I thought there might be at least a few people who would have thought it might be a good idea to keep Sayid around to see if he has any more information.

I was a little surprised that Juliet just assumed now that Kate was back, that her days of “playing house” with Sawyer were finished. Insecure much? I also found it interesting that Juliet felt if she told Kate that she was with Sawyer, it might sound like she was telling Kate to stay away. Hmm. I also liked Kate’s line to Sawyer about how she’s not sure why everyone came back, but she knows why she came back.

 Here are my burning questions last night:

-The obvious, If young Ben doesn’t make it, what happens to ’07 Ben?

-Where’d that flaming van come from?

-Who is Ilana working for?


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