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Lost thoughts: “LaFleur”

In Lost on March 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm

So, was it me, or was last night’s “Lost” episode one of the most straightforward episodes we’ve seen during the entire series? The plot basically ping-ponged back and forth between “present day” and three years prior. And for the first time in awhile, I didn’t have a million questions after the show was finished. Of course there were some, otherwise it wouldn’t be “Lost”! J

Overall, I thought the episode was alright. Like last week’s, I was hoping for a little bit more. There was plenty to like though. I thought Sawyer was great; he carried the episode in my opinion. I like the leader/heroic role he’s taken on this year; it’s a far cry from the nickname-giving conman he’d been during the first few seasons. It was weird seeing him without facial hair during the “three years later” scenes, but that’s neither here nor there. And as much as I enjoy Sawyer as is; it was kind of nice seeing him play the romantic at the end of the episode when he brought Juliet a flower before their dinner. I guess those three years really softened that bravado of his. Although, what terrible timing it is that now that he’s fallen in love with someone else, Kate has made her way back to the island. And here I thought, the love triangle would be between Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Speaking of Kate, I loved Sawyer’s “is three years long enough to get over someone” speech. It was very heartfelt and at the same time kind of heartbreaking. I also enjoyed Sawyer and Richard’s conversation on the bench. It was very noble of Sawyer to admit he killed Richard’s men to keep the truce between the Dharma folks and the others alive.

Wow, two paragraphs on how much I liked Sawyer last night. That’s a lot of Sawyer talk. J Well, like I mentioned, I thought he carried last night’s episode; and he did a great job. I guess I should also mention I loved how his conman skills came in handy when the crew left it up to him (the “ship captain”) to explain how they got to the island. His story was very convincing. I also loved his name, Jim LaFleur. Speaking of the name, here’s my weekly, “Reading too much into a scene,” segment: I felt some symbolism when Sawyer picked that flower for Juliet. “LaFleur” is French for “the flower,” so I felt like it was a symbol of change; change of name, change of attitude in the romance department and change of who is affection is target towards. Again, the name is probably random, but that’s what I took from it.

Aside from Sawyer, here are few other thoughts about the episode…

 *It was great to see two actors from two of my favorite shows on last night: Reiko Aylesworth (“24”) playing Amy and Kevin Rankin (“Friday Night Lights”) playing Jerry, one of the security guards.

*I found it interesting that the crew went from staying for “two weeks” to three years. I wish we could have seen more on how they came to that decision.

 *Juliet can deliver babies and fix cars, who knew? I also liked how she played it off that she didn’t know what that “sonic fence” was.

 *Jin finding Kate, Sawyer and Jack two episodes ago all makes sense now. I just wish we could have seen more of the reunion; we’ve seen Jack, Hurley and Kate back on the island for about 60 seconds since they returned (and they’ve been back technically for three episodes!!).

 *If that really was little Charlotte that Faraday saw, then I guess her story about seeing him the past was true.

 And of course the burning questions…

 *Juliet was able to deliver Amy’s baby successfully (for now). If everything remains OK, what happened on the island afterwards that made it impossible for woman to have babies? And for the big question of the night…

 *WHY ISN’T THERE A NEW EPISODE NEXT WEEK???? After an ending like that one, we really have to wait two weeks to see the full reunion. Talk about unfair!

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Sawyer will throw Juliet to the curb now that Kate’s back on the island? Where are Sun and Lapidus? Feel free to comment below!

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