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Lost Thoughts: “This Place is Death”

In Lost on February 16, 2009 at 1:52 am

After last week’s strong “The Little Prince” episode of “Lost,” we got what I thought was a so-so episode this time around. There was plenty to like about Wednesday’s show, but I thought it wasn’t as good or as intriguing as last week’s. After Jin was discovered by a young Danielle’s crew at the end of last week’s show, I thought we were in for something special. No dice, unfortunately. This week just tuned out to be more of a run-of-the mill episode. That doesn’t mean it was bad, it was just OK. There were a decent amount of highlights though. For example…


*Watching Danielle and her beau debate whether her unborn child was a boy (Alexander) or a girl (Alexandra) was entertaining, given we knew that Danielle was right.


*Smokey returned! It has been awhile since we had seen him. We also got to see what he kind of damage he could do. Normally, we see him just grab a person and take him or her away. But, since the crew tried to fight him, we saw Smokey is strong enough to rip off a person’s arm. Very sick scene by the way.


*The Jin-Sawyer reunion. The look on Sawyer’s face when Jin turned around was priceless. Turns out the blast from the freighter explosion didn’t kill him, it just blew him into the water.


As for the lowlights…


The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was the same thing that bothered me about the “Jughead” episode; we didn’t get to see much of the Oceanic 6 this week. At least we got to see them some this time, but not much happened with them. I think it’s me just getting impatient, I just want them to return to the island already! Either way, I just think the best episodes are when the screen time between the Oceanic 6 and the remaining castaways is more or less equal.

Here are a few more random thoughts/burning questions….


*My favorite moment of the episode came when Sawyer asked Miles to translate what Jin was saying and Miles replied, “He’s Korean, I’m from Encino.”


*One of my burning questions was going to be the same as the castaways: how’d Charlotte know the well was going to be where it was. And for once, the question was answered in the same episode, she’d been there before, or so she says. Speaking of which…


*How crazy was it that she thinks it was Faraday who told her that if she ever came back to the island, she’d die? I guess in retrospect, it’s not that crazy, since we saw in the season premiere that he was on the island back in the 70’s. I just found it interesting that Charlotte waited until her dying moments to mention she lived on the island as a kid and saw Daniel.

*Another one of my favorite scenes was when Sun, Jack and Ben were driving to see “someone who could prove Jin was still alive.” I loved when Jack told Sun that he’d shoot Ben himself if he didn’t deliver on his promise and Ben flipped out on them. I can’t help but wonder what the heck Ben meant when he said he’d been going to great lengths to keep the Oceanic 6 safe. I really hope we get to learn more about that in the coming weeks.


*I’m very curious to see where Locke ends up after turning the “Giant Donkey Wheel” and leaving the island. I’m still thrown off to why Jack’s dad, who is supposed to be dead, keeps popping up everywhere. I was hoping he’d be able to spit out that Jack was his son when Locke asked him before the flash finished, but it wasn’t to be. It will also be interesting to see if Locke keeps his promise to Jin and doesn’t bring Sun back to the island. Although, now that Sun knows that Jin is alive (proved by seeing his wedding ring), I’m sure she won’t need any convincing. It’s funny how Jin gave Locke his ring to prove to Sun that he’s dead, but Ben ended up using it to prove he’s alive.


*And finally, it looks like Ms. Hawking is the key to getting the crew back to the island. I found two things interesting during her scene. One was the look on Ben’s face when Desmond showed up and said that they must be looking for Faraday’s mother too. What does Ben know? And secondly, why is it suddenly OK for not all of the Oceanic 6 to be present in their quest to go back? I was thrown off when Ms. Hawking said, “I suppose this will have to do for now.” Will Kate, Aaron, Sayid and Hurley make the next flight out?


So, overall I’d say this was a C+ episode of “Lost.” It could have been better, but believe me, it could have been a lot worse. I’d like to bid farewell to Rebecca Mader, who did a great job as Charlotte. Maybe we’ll get to see her in some flashbacks.


Next week’s episode looks pretty interesting. According to, here’s the description of the show titled, “316”: The Oceanic 6 learn how they’ll be able to return to the island, but not all of them want to make the journey.


Until next week!


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