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Lost Thoughts: “Jughead”

In Lost on January 30, 2009 at 2:49 am

 So, last night on “Lost,” we got a few answers, even more questions and saw no sign of the Oceanic 6. Overall though, I’d say it was decent episode. Not great, but decent. I felt it was strange in the fact that not a whole lot happened, but we still learned a decent amount, especially about Charles Widmore and Daniel Faraday.


The revelation I liked the most last night was finding out Charles was living on the island back in the 50’s. At least we now know why he’s so interested in the island. We still have no idea what he wants with it once he finds it, but at least we understand his attachment to it.


I also enjoyed Richard and Locke’s sit down. Richard told Locke before the flash last week, that the next time they’d see each other, Richard wouldn’t remember him. Well, he was right. I am not sure how he knew that, but he was right. I thought it was very clever that when Richard said he didn’t believe Locke about his being from the future, he told him when he was born and for Richard to visit him. This explains why Richard was there when Locke was born (to confirm his birthday) and why when he visited Locke as kid he asked him if any of the items he had looked familiar (future John would have had them on the island). I just thought this was a very interesting development; especially when Locke told Richard that he was his leader. Unfortunately for Locke, Richard couldn’t tell him how to get off of the island before the next flash occurred.


As for our favorite time traveler, Desmond, he was all over the place, wasn’t he? After waking up from a memory (not a dream), he decided he needed to go back to Oxford to find Faraday’s mom. Before the trip, we learned that he and Penny have a son, appropriately named, Charlie. I’m going to go out on a limb and say their boy is named after Charlie Pace and not Penny’s sadistic father. Anyway, I loved how Desmond told Charlie about a very special island that he left a long time ago and never thought he’d see it again”—Great Britain. Ha-ha.


Anyway, Desmond was probably the busiest character this week (along with Faraday) as he was off to Oxford only to find there was no Faraday (mother or son) in their database. All he was able to find was Daniel’s abandoned lab and the “fumigator” telling him Faraday had checked out. It turns out Faraday’s experiments put his friend (or more) Theresa in a vegetative state and he left her for greener pastures in the United States. This is where Desmond learned that his father-in-law has been funding Daniel’s research and paying for Theresa’s healthcare.


I loved how Desmond just stormed into Charles’ office and demanded to know where Mrs. Faraday is. I was a little surprised that Charles gave up her location so easily (Los Angeles, of course). I thought he would have asked for a quid pro quo, he’d give Desmond the location, if Desmond got Penny to see him. Maybe he knows he’ll be sending Desmond on a fool’s errand by pointing him towards L.A.


Back on the island, we learned “when” Sawyer and Co. where—1954. That explains the Others’ outdated weaponry—flame-tipped arrows. There was a lot of good stuff going on here. For starters, who the heck set up those bombs that ended up killing a few more background characters? And who exactly is that rifle wielding young lady, Ellie? I feel like she’s a younger version of a character we’ve already scene before. But you never know, she could just be a new character. I did enjoy Juliet saying, “Why don’t we all put our rifles down?”


I do wish we could have gotten more insight into what Miles got from his ghost whisperer skills. It just kind of passed by. All we know is that there were a few soldiers buried nearby.


I’d be remiss not to mention the title character of this episode, the bomb, “Jughead.” I’m not really sure what it’s doing there, but Faraday has it on good authority, that if it’s buried immediately, everything will be fine. There’s way it will detonate because like he said, he’s been to island 50 years later and it’s still there. Besides, there’s no way he’d let it go off, he loves Charlotte, remember?


So, at the end of the hour, we have a better idea of Widmore’s connection to the island, found out Desmond and Penny have a son, the Others have inhabited the island since at least 1954, Widmore funded Faraday’s research and that research put one of Faraday’s friends in a vegetative state. We’re left wondering, what does Widmore want with the island, who the heck is Ellie, what’s that bomb doing there and what’s causing Charlotte to have nosebleeds, headaches and double vision? Once again, we’re left with more questions than answers, but some answers are better than none I always say.


Did you think this episode was good? Were you disappointed we didn’t get to see the Oceanic 6 at all like I was? Who do you think Ellis is, if anyone? Feel free to comment below.


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