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Gossip Girl Recap: “You’ve Got Yale!”

In Gossip Girl on January 20, 2009 at 8:36 pm

 Last night, our favorite Upper East Siders were anxiously awaiting to hear if they had earned an early acceptance to the colleges of their choice, and I wasn’t all that interested.

 Don’t get me wrong, I was curious to see who got in where (and who didn’t), but that “main” storyline of the episode paled in comparison to the juicier, “B” storyline of Chuck trying to wrestle control of Bass Industries away from his duplicitous Uncle Jack. Tell me I’m not alone here!

I found it no surprise that Chuck wasn’t going to give up control of what his father had built without a fight. It also wasn’t surprising that he was resorting to dirty tricks (planting coke in his bag, setting him up with transsexual, um, ‘entertainers”) to try to unseat his uncle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t happening. Thankfully he came to his senses and realized he needed some assistance. Enter, Lily.

I was happy to see Chuck turn to Lily in his time of need. I felt it was awful that he blamed her for what happened to his dad. But it turned out, they made a very good team. I loved how they were able to send Jack packing for Sydney. Not only was Lily adopting Chuck able to put the company back in Chuck’s hands, it gave him the family he so desperately needed. I wasn’t 100% sure how Lily adopting Chuck overrode Jack’s guardianship over him though. Technically, Jack took guardianship of Chuck first and he’s blood. I’m sure if Jack hadn’t lost his mind in the power room (more on that in a second), he might have been able to fight for guardianship in court.

 As for the Jack’s powder room attack on Lily, all I could think of was when Chuck tried pulling the same thing on Serena and then Jenny in the pilot episode. By the way Chuck decked Jack, he must now see the errors of his ways. Kudos to Chuck for realizing there was something afoot going on in there, as he and Rufus were able to get to her in time.

 So, Jack is gone now, right? I would think him losing guardianship of Chuck and sexual assault will forfeit any future claims he’d want to make for control of Bass Industries. However, while he may be history on the corporate side, I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of Uncle Jackie on the personal side. There’s still that little mystery of what happened between him and Blair over New Year’s. That can’t just go away, right? My guess is that’ll come back up on Chuck’s 18th birthday as he’s celebrating not  only is birthday, but legally taking majority stake in the company. What better way to destroy such a monumental day than finding out the woman you loved did something scandalous with the uncle you can’t stand?

 As for the “A” storyline, I learned things have changed since I was applying to college. How cool would it have been to find out you  received an early acceptance via email on your cell phone, rather than waiting for that “thick” envelope in the mail?

 Anyway, back to the show, last night, Blair was at her witchy best as she proved she’d do anything to get in to her dream school Yale early, even if it meant bullying a teacher. I’m not sure I buy that a prestigious, Ivy League school like Yale would pass on a model student like Blair so that they can boast about having an “It” girl like Serena on their early acceptance roster. But that’s just me. I also didn’t buy Blair grabbing the new (and very young) teacher, Ms. Carr and telling her how, “things work around here.” Since when are students allowed to put their hands on students? I did like how Ms. Carr stood up to Blair and told her she wouldn’t change her grade. I guess the young teacher does have a thing or two to learn about how things work in Gossip Girl land.

To me, this storyline was so-so in this episode, but got much more interesting because of its future potential. How great was it that after Ms. Carr realized that she’d been played by Blair, that she reported her to the headmistress? That is an amazing turn of events. Now Blair is in detention indefinitely, and her dream of going to Yale hangs in the balance. And of course as Dorota asked, “Is this war?” You got that right, Dorota. No one messes with Blair and gets away with it. Good luck, Ms. Carr. You’re going to need it.

 Here are a few random thoughts about the rest of the episode:

 *It was great to see Nate and Vanessa in the same scene this week, since they are you know, going out. It’s strange that Nate was a very prominent character last season, and this year he’s more on the fringe. Hopefully now that he has his money back and his family situation is more under control, we’ll get to see more of him.

 *Speaking of Nate and Vanessa, it’s amazing how hard of a time these people have of being honest with one another. I thought it was a great gesture by Vanessa to pay for opera tickets for her and Nate, but would it have killed Nate to say, “Thanks Vanessa, that was sweet. But, in case you’re interested I have a box at the theater we can sit at too.”? Or why couldn’t Serena just tell Dan that she wasn’t sure she wanted to go to Yale from the get-go? Wouldn’t that have been better than making him think that they were going to the same college together all this time? And she also probably should have told Blair that she was the Constance student who got early acceptance to Yale right away. The longer she waited, the worse that situation was going to be.

 *I hope the Dan-Serena-Rufus-Lily thing gets figured out soon. It’s so silly to watch Dan and Serena pull away from each other anytime Lily and Rufus are romantic with one another. They need to decide once and for all if they’re OK with dating each other while their parents are. Because it looks like Lily and Rufus are going to be an item for awile.

 *I thoroughly enjoyed watching Erik give Rufus opera lessons. Too bad he was tutoring him about the wrong show. I loved the “Opera for Dummies” book too.

 *Despite all the good stuff that went on last night, my favorite scene was when Chuck and Rufus walked by one another and shook hands. It was a touching, “all is forgiven” type of moment that doesn’t happen too often on this show.

 Well, unfortunately there’s a rerun next week (“O Brother, Where Bart Thou?), but we’ll get a new episode the following Monday. Until then, what did you think about this episode? What will Blair do to get back and Ms. Carr? Will Dan and Serena figure things out? Have we seen the last of Uncle Jack? Comment below!

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