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Gossip Girl recap: “Gone with the Will”

In Gossip Girl on January 13, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Last night on “Gossip Girl,” our favorite bad boy, Chuck Bass inherited $1 billion, majority stock in his father’s multi-billion dollar empire, only to lose control of the company to his conniving uncle Jack. Meanwhile in “B” storyline land, Lily and Rufus were still up in Bean Town looking for their adopted son, only to find out he passed away in a boating accident. Or did he?


I liked last night’s episode of “Gossip Girl” a lot, more so than last week’s show. Last week’s wasn’t bad, but I felt there was too much crammed into the hour. Yesterday, there were two, clear-cut solid storylines. I enjoyed Chuck’s storyline the most because there are very few things I enjoy more than watching rich people doing rich people things on TV. I think that’s why I like shows like “Beverly Hills 90210,” “The OC,” and “Entourage” so much.


Anyway, after Bart’s will was read and it was revealed that Chuck inherited 51% control of Bass Industries, it was clear that within minutes the wheels were turning in Jack’s head about how he could wrestle away the keys to the castle from his nephew. You can call Jack’s tactics underhanded and cruel, but they were smart. He found Chuck’s weakness and exploited it to the fullest; his hormones. It was disappointing to see Chuck pass up his “non-romantic” dinner with Blair to hang out with Jack and some ahem, “hired entertainment,” but it wasn’t shocking. Remember this is the same guy who left Blair standing at the airport while he tried to woo some random intern at the end of last season. It wouldn’t have been believable to see a newly appointed 17-year-old billionaire CEO pass up a night of booze and ladies to spend a quiet evening at home with the “wife.” Kudos to the writers for having Chuck make the realistic choice, rather than the one we at home were rooting for.


Jack’s plan worked to perfection of course. Two members of the board (and Blair) walked in on Chuck still partying with the hired help, which put him in violation of the “Morality Clause” Bart put in regarding Chuck’s control of Bass Industries. As much as Chuck was ticked off about his uncle setting him up; he was much more broken up about losing Blair. I really felt bad for her. She’s become more of a sympathetic character these days and time and time again, Chuck has let her down. I couldn’t blame her for sending him away, even if he had flowers and puppy dog, “I’m so sorry” look on his face. Too little, too late, Mr. Bass.


I have a feeling that the power struggle for Bass Industries isn’t over just yet. Jack taking power that quickly seemed a bit, rushed didn’t it? My guess is there’s going to be a “Chuck pleads his case to the board” storyline coming up soon. My other thought was that Jack might run into some trouble when whatever happened between him and Blair is made public and lose control of the company. Jack kept insinuating last night that whatever happened between the two of them was of the romantic nature, but one never knows with this show. I originally thought if they did hook up, Jack might get in trouble because Blair’s underage, but she might be 18 now. Last season she celebrated her 17th birthday in the “Seventeen Candles” episode, which aired in November. So if the timeline stays accurate, she’d be 18 now.


As for the “B” storyline, I have to admit I was a little bored by it until it was revealed that Lily and Rufus love child’s adoptive parents lied about his death. Up until then, everything seemed pretty silly; from Blair’s minions overhearing Dan’s conversation and devoting their time to find out what he was lying to Serena about, to Gossip Girl putting out a “hit” on him (someone seriously went though his locker looking for dirt?), to Nelly stealing his cell phone, it was all so ridiculous. Don’t these girls have anything better to do? And don’t get me started on the “mini” Gossip Girls who berated Dan and Vanessa in the candy shop.


Once it was revealed, I was a little surprised, but pleased, that Serena didn’t give Dan a harder time about not telling her about Lily and Rufus’ kid sooner. Last week, I smelled doom for Dan when he promised Rufus that he wouldn’t tell Serena. I was glad I was wrong about that. The last thing we needed was another Dan and Serena fight. I’m curious where the Humphrey-Van der Woodsen clan goes from here. Are Rufus and Lily going to give their newfound love another try? After their reunion between the sheets and that hand hold at the end of the episode, it’s obvious the feelings are there. But if they do, will “S” and “Lonely Boy” keep their relationship going? Like Serena said, if Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd’s ex-stepsibling characters in “Clueless” could date, why can’t they?


I almost screamed when the adopted father told Lily and Rufus that their son had died. After all the time that was spent on this storyline, that’s how it was going to end? With them, not getting to meet their kid? What a wasted! But this is “Gossip Girl” however, so it should not have been a surprise that Andrew’s adopted mother comes up and we find out that the son is still alive. ‘They have money and lawyers, and they wouldn’t have stopped,” said the adopted father. Um, it was closed adoption all the money and lawyers in the world can’t change the fact that Lily and Rufus can’t see the kid without his OK. At least the lie keeps the hope alive that the kid will be someone we know. There has to e more to this storyline, there just has to be.


As for the fringes storylines, I’m on Erik’s side. He has every right to want to spend time alone with his boyfriend. I don’t understand why Jenny got so bent out of shape about it. And it was nice to see Nate and Vanessa among the living. Two months together, who knew? By the little bit I wrote there, you could see how invested/interested I was in those stories.


My DVR cut off the scenes for next week’s show, but according to, here’s what’s in store for next week’s episode, “You’ve got Yale!”:


As news arrives regarding who has been granted early admission to Yale, Serena connects with her new Shakespeare teacher (Laura Breckenridge), while Blair, upon receiving her first B, does not Meanwhile, Chuck finds an ally in his feud with Jack, and Nate and Vanessa attend the opera.


So, what did you think of the episode? How will Lily and Rufus find out their son is really alive? Will Serena and Dan make it work? Will Blair ever forgive Chuck? Will Chuck regain control of his father’s empire? Comment below!


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