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Gossip Girl recap: “In the Realm of the Basses”

In Gossip Girl on January 6, 2009 at 8:53 pm

After nearly a month off, we were finally treated to a new episode of “Gossip Girl.” And while it wasn’t bad, a lot of it felt like an extension of the last new episode: Chuck was drowning (and/or smoking) his sorrows over the loss of his dad, Blair was worried about him, Dan and Serena were re-examining their relationship and Lily and Rufus were at odds. From that standpoint, I didn’t learn much that I didn’t know four weeks ago.


Unfortunately, a lot of the new stuff was kind of stupid. Blair’s quest to get into the elusive Colony Club was a waste of time, and don’t get me started on Jenny’s battle with the “Mean Girls.” Well, I’ll get started a little on that because I do have thoughts on that as well.


The only new thing that I found interesting was the introduction of Chuck’s Uncle Jack, played by Desmond Harrington, who bares a striking resemblance to Robert John Burke who played Bart. Nice casting job there. I’m not sure what to think of him yet, but I’m sure he has an angle. Just about anyone outside of the main cast who appears on the show does. I can’t help but wonder what happened on New Year’s Eve that Blair told him Chuck can’t know about. It can’t be the obvious, can it?


So, while last night wasn’t a solid return, it was better than no “Gossip Girl” at all. Plus this episode did do a very good job of setting up the rest of the season; especially the Chuck-Blair relationship and the Rufus and Lily mystery storyline.


I had a tough time finding this episode’s heartbeat. The previous episode, it was obvious: Bart’s passing and Chuck’s reaction to it. This week, I wasn’t so sure; was it supposed to be Chuck’s storyline again, or the Rufus and Lily drama? Or was the main idea supposed to be Dan and Serena getting back together? When I stop and think about it for a second, all of those plots sort of tied into each other. So, in honor of this mish-mashed episode, I’m just going to rattle off some random thoughts about the show…


*Dan and Serena together again (and again). Who knew? Maybe they’ll make it work this time, but as Chuck said sharing a sibling might be too much to handle. The best part about this inevitably doomed reunion: No more Aaron. Yea!!


*I’m a big Rufus fan, but not so much so last night. He was pretty crabby, although he did have a good excuse. I thought it was great he wanted to take Dan to school and catch up, but after that, he was pretty sour. The scene where he scolded Dan for having Serena over when he wasn’t home was beyond strange. I couldn’t tell if he was angry about the Lily thing and was taking it out on Dan, or if he knew that them getting back together was a big mistake and he was trying to cool things down. Either way, he wasn’t the best communicator last night.


*Ah, poor Blair. All she wants to do is help Chuck get back among the living (and join that ladies club of course). I never knew she could be so selfless. I saw some real growth when she sacrificed her spot in the Colony Club by sticking up for Chuck, Serena and Lily. Is the same girl who tried to sabotage Serena’s chances of getting into Yale a few months ago? I was concerned that Blair was going to go all the way good, which wouldn’t be fun for anyone. But in the last few minutes, I was relieved when it was revealed she has some sort of secret with Uncle Jack. There’s still some deceit in Blair, whew!


*So Rufus and Lily are going to look for their long lost love child. I’m sure that will go off without a hitch. The only thing I have to say about this storyline is I can’t help if the “Gossip Girl” writers and the “90210” writers are sharing ideas. I’ll also say, for all the screen time they’re using up with this story, the identity of the child better be good. There was some speculation that it might be Georgina, but since we know it’s a boy, that idea is out. Darn.


*As promised, I’ll touch on Little J and her battle with the Mean Girls. It’s great to have her back in school and acting normal again, but her storyline was purely filler. It had nothing to do with anything. And for the record, I don’t remember any clique of girls, or guys for that matter, acting or treating anyone the way Penelope and her drones treated Nelly. I think Penelope said it best when she found out Jenny was being nice to Nelly out of kindness and not as a power play, “I’m so bored.” Yeah, Penny I was thinking the same thing.


*And then there’s Chuck, the heart and soul of this drama. The last time we saw him, he was elbow deep in alcohol, last night he was high as a kite for a better part of the hour. I enjoyed drunk and high Chuck these last two episodes, but his character is just fine sober. Hopefully, he will have his act together next week. According to the previews, it looks like he’s going to inherit the majority stake in Bass Industries, so he will probably have no choice. Thank goodness he didn’t fall off of the roof. The show and the Upper East Side wouldn’t be the same without him.


So what did you all think of the show? Will Chuck get his head screwed on straight and return Blair’s love? Will Lily and Rufus locate their child? Will the MIA Nate decide to come back to school? Comment below!


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