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Desperate Housewives Recap: “Home is the Place”

In Desperate Housewives on January 6, 2009 at 6:50 pm

The ladies from Wisteria Lane returned from their winter hiatus on Sunday night, and not a minute too soon. Honestly, I didn’t miss them that much, but it’s great to see new episodes pumping again.


Last night, Bree and Orson got to meet Andrew’s future mother-in-law, Carlos did some career soul searching, Susan and Lee hit the town, Tom and Lynette continued their quest to keep Porter out of jail, the McCluskey sisters continued their investigation of the mysterious Dave Williams and speaking of which, Edie finally realized Dave has lost it.


Overall, I thought the show was OK. Not great, but not bad either. The storylines that didn’t appeal to me felt like an anchor that weighed the good stuff down. And there were plenty of decent storylines to go around. For example…


The Good:


  • Watching the McCluskey sisters, Karen and Roberta working together was one of last night’s highlights for me. It’s tough to beat watching to women crack open a couple of cold ones in a doctor’s waiting room. I just wish the writers (and Roberta) hadn’t given up on their quest to find dirt on Dave so quickly. There was a lot of funny material there. I was rooting for the receptionist to spit out Dave’s location before the McCluskey’s scooted out of the office. Darn! Although, I guess that would have killed the drama if they figured everything out right then there. There is still half a season to go after all.


  • Susan and Lee hanging out; what a great pair! I guess with Gale Harold (Jackson) recovering from his accident, Susan needed another running mate. Well, who better than the underused Lee? I enjoyed watching the two of them “club,” I thought it was great of Lee to give Susan relationship advice as she contemplated moving in with Jackson. I hope this isn’t the last time these two share quality screen time together. As for Susan thinking they might have slept together, that was a little silly. She honestly wouldn’t have remembered that despite the alcohol? Plus didn’t we see this charade a couple of seasons ago when Gaby thought she might have slept with Zach Young? Sorry, that was just a nitpick at what was otherwise a solid story.


  • And how could I forget the brilliance that is Felicity Huffman? She gave a rock solid performance (as always) during her speech to Preston about how a mother will do anything to protect her son. Even it means running over the man who threatened to kill her son. Thankfully she was just calling Preston’s bluff so he’d try to get Porter to come back home. Huffman’s performance in car saved what to me is an otherwise tired storyline. I like the five-year jump the show took as much as anyone, but unfortunately the other side of that coin is having to deal with storylines involving the kids who until now were more or less always in the background.

 The Bad:


  • I wasn’t a big fan of the Bree meeting the in-laws storyline. It just seemed silly. I rolled my eyes when Alex’s mom, Melina “called” Christmas. As these two bickered on and on about where their boys should leave, it only got worse. And the icing on the cake of course was when Bree bought Andrew and Alex a house in the neighborhood so they wouldn’t move five hours away. Huh?


  • The Dave and Edie stuff is pretty bad too. I like Dave’s mystery when he’s independent of Edie, like when he was dealing with his doctor or when he visited his wife and daughter’s gravesites, but he and Edie together is like watching dry. I am hoping that now that Edie kicked him out of the house, he’ll be on his own for awhile plotting his revenge against Mike. Like I said, Dave’s storyline has some juice; it’s a shame the writers couldn’t have found a way to bring him to Wisteria Lane without having him marry Edie.

 And the Ugly:


*I can’t believe Carlos took that corporate job. I was honestly mad for a few minutes after the show was finished over it. I never liked Gaby’s character, but I started to warm up to her this season as she became more passionate and human as she dealt with running the household and being a mom. Her character got some redemption in my eyes this year, and before you could say, “corporate credit card,” she reverted to her materialistic ways. It didn’t surprise me that she was initially excited about Carlos getting a lucrative job offer; the family has been struggling for some time now. But after the excitement wore off, I thought she’d realize it wouldn’t be a good career move for him. Wasn’t she the one who had an affair because Carlos wasn’t home enough because of work? Did the writers forget about this, or is Gaby so money-hungry that she’d rather have a big bank account than her husband home for dinner? I didn’t buy her “you need to sacrifice for the family so we can pay the bills speech for a second.” Not when she bought a pair of shoes second after Carlos got that job offer. It made me sick at the end of the episode when she gleefully put the new shows in her closet. What a shame that Gaby’s been turned back into a materialistic witch again.


I know it sounds bad, but I loved in the previews for next week that the girls are going to give Gaby a hard time and tell her they like Carlos better. Hopefully, Gaby will see the error in her ways and ask Carlos to leave the corporate world permanently. I’m sure they can find a compromise where Carlos could find a job that could pay the bills and let the family live comfortably, and where he could help people like he originally wanted to.


So, what did you all think of the episode? Will Porter leave Grandma’s and come home? Will the Scavo’s lose the pizzeria? Will Susan move in with Jackson? Where the heck was Katherine this week? Feel free to comment below!


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