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“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: All By Myself

In Grey's Anatomy on December 5, 2008 at 4:19 pm

After a one week break, which felt longer in my opinion, “Grey’s” was back on last night. Was it worth the wait? Kinda sorta. It wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t earth shattering either. It was solid; like a line-drive single when you really need a home run. You’ll take the single, but a homer would have been great.

My favorite story of last night revolved around who was going to get the solo surgery. It was a touch of genius by taking the decision out of the Chief’s and the other attendings’ hands and making Cristina choose. I don’t feel there would have been as much at stake if the senior circuit got to choose, but with Cristina having the power, we had a whole different wrinkle added to the story. I felt bad for her because she was the one who was chosen by the attendings, but because of her silly interns, she had to pass the torch. Well, at least she got the satisfaction of knowing she was the true winner. And there will plenty of solo surgeries in her future.

The “feel good medical case of the week” was interesting too. I felt bad for the husband who had been communicating with his wife for years with Post-It notes. I couldn’t even begin to imagine. During the show last night, I kept wondering what I’d want my first word to be if I had lost my voice for five years. It’s almost like getting a second chance to say your first word. When we’re babies we all just uttered out something, but this time we’d actually have an idea of what we were talking about. Yeah, I know I’m crazy. Anyway, I was happy that it worked and the wife was able to take her nose out of her laptop for a few minutes to reconnect with her husband.

This episode probably could have gone from “line-drive single” to “a double off of the wall,” if it weren’t for the Izzie-Denny stuff. My, the wheels have fallen off of this storyline in a hurry. Anytime these two are on the screen, it’s like I’m watching “The Sixth Sense,” except it’s a million times worse. It’s almost like these two are on their own show because it’s so far removed from the reality the rest of the show is existing in. It’s scary that Denny is supposed to be around until February, but when I think about it, the show will be on Winter hiatus soon, so February will be here before we know it. The only positive that came out of this story last night was that George is starting to realize that something is wrong with Izzie.

Then of course, we had the “sad medical case of the week,” which involved the two sisters who were in the car accident. While they were arguing, the younger sister shouted the customary, clichéd line, “I hope you die.” Usually when this line is said (or its sister line, “I never want to see you again.”) the person ends up fighting for their life and while the person who said it is hoping that’s not the last thing they get to say. This has been done a number of times, but to my surprise, the older sister didn’t make it. I have to admit, I was shocked. It was just a heartbreaking scene when the younger sister said good-bye. Didn’t see that one coming.

Speaking of not seeing things coming, I couldn’t believe Mark and Lexie crossed that line last night. The tension has been building for some time now, but unless you know ahead of time when the big moment is going to happen, you can’t help but feel in shock when it actually does. Would these two make a good couple? I’m honestly not sure. But when I think how about it, how many good couples are there on this show? Even the show’s resident power couple, Derek and Meredith have more issues than Rolling Stone. I guess time will tell what happens with those crazy kids.

OK, I’m babbling now. Here are my “Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down” and other thoughts from last night…

THUMBS WAY UP: To Dr. Alex Karev. I think Justin Chambers found the scene to send to the Emmy voters. Did he blow anyone else away with his “I love you” speech to Izzie? I think I saw a side of Alex that I didn’t know existed. He just laid it all out there and was sincere in doing it. Besides that, he also won the solo surgery. He would have been the next-to-last person I expected to win (Izzie would have been the last), but Cristina was right, he had the best case and he was the most prepared. Hopefully, this Alex will stick around for awhile. Although, I do fear for his sanity a bit. If the rumors that Izzie is going to have some sort of brain aneurysm, then this will be the second woman he’s been involved with who’s had head troubles. I’m pretty sure Alex will be by her side during the ordeal, so between helping Izzie and what he went through helping Ava/Rebecca last season, I don’t know how he avoids losing it himself. Anyway, he gets the game ball from me last night. For more on Izzie’s possible condition, check out this story:

THUMBS DOWN: To the bratty sisters who were arguing with each other in the ER. I couldn’t agree with Dr. Hunt more when he said to Alex, “Make it stop.” That scene went on waaay too long. So long, I considered muting my TV until it was over. Of course I didn’t do that in fear of missing a key plot point, and I’m glad I didn’t do that because I would have missed the “I hope you die” line that set up the rest of that storyline.

THUMBS UP: To the “Cristina having to pick the resident to replace her on the solo surgery” storyline. I was intrigued by the initial storyline of one of the residents getting to fly solo, but once it was announced the Cristina would have to choose, that story was taken to a whole new level. I felt the suspense was good; I honestly had no idea who she was going to select. Normally, Meredith would have been the frontrunner, but their argument from the last episode evened the playing field. I have to admit, after Dr. Dixon told her to leave feelings out of it, and she went to the board; I thought she was going to write her own name down and see what the Chief said. Now that would have taken the story to an even higher level. Still, it was great to see Cristina humanized a bit, even it was just for an episode.

THUMBS UP AND DOWN: To Dr. Virginia Dixon. The “Thumbs Up” goes to Mary McDonnell for her portrayal of someone who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. She’s done a good job with it, even though I have to agree with people who feel it’s a bit over-the-top and borderline “Rainman-ish.” The “Thumbs Down” goes to how cold she was to that poor family regarding getting the older sister’s organs. I was about to say the body wasn’t even cold yet, but the girl was technically alive! The way Dr. Dixon went on and on about her central nervous system and how she wasn’t going to wake up was so, so painfully honest that I was hurting for the family. I have to say, part of me hopes she doesn’t stick around for more than the three episodes she singed on for.

THUMBS UP: To Meredith for being there for the younger sister. You could see in her eyes and what she was saying that she was thinking about her and Cristina’s fight. The writers always find a way to parallel a medical case with one of the doctors’ personal issues, don’t they? I also have to give Meredith a “Thumbs Up” for sticking up for Alex when the other residents were taking bets on how soon he’d mess up. She did the same thing for George in the first episode when he got to scrub in on Dr. Burke’s surgery. My only complaint regarding Meredith was she did try to make the solo surgery choice personal with Cristina. I think Meredith thought deep down, despite their fight, that she was going to be one picked no matter what. Shame on her for thinking Cristina pick Alex just to spite her.

THUMBS UP: To Dr. Hunt for being there for Cristina. He didn’t have much going on last night, but his little bit of screen time was significant. I thought it was cool of him to not only know that the stress of having to pick one of the residents for the surgery was killing her, but also that he took her to an out of the way place to let it all out. I’m still not sure how I feel about their pairing yet though. I think because Cristina’s so by the book and sort of robotic, it’s hard for me to see her be in romantic situations. Even when she was with Burke, it always seemed a little off. I know she loved him, but I have a tough time seeing her as anything but a doctor. Either way, I’m a big fan of Dr. Hunt’s, so if him dating Cristina means he’ll get more screen time, then I’m all for it.

THUMBS WAY DOWN: To Denny and Izzie and everything about them. This storyline gets stranger and stranger each week. It needs to go away ASAP. It’s hard to take. I never imagined that a worse idea would come out of the writers’ room than George and Izzie, but this one is much worse. At least George was visible to everyone. I can’t write anymore about this because it frustrates me just thinking about it. It’s just a shame that they’re ruining one of the best guest characters ever for everyone. And finally…

THUMBS UP: To Dr. Sloan. He did it all last night, and I mean it all. He performed a miracle, groundbreaking surgery and gave a woman her voice back, he was (once again) a sounding board for Callie and he was gracious enough to let Bailey take the reigns for a bit on his surgery. If that was all that happened with him, I would have been completely satisfied, but then….

We were reminded that while McStreamy has become a pretty good man, he’s still a man as proven by him hooking up with “Little Grey.” I don’t know what to think about this. I thought it was strange how Lexie just showed up at his room, started undressing and kept asking him to “teach her.” It was such and odd way to go about asking Mark to “get together” with her, wasn’t it? All the while, poor Mark is trying to resist, but he predictably caved.  I didn’t cheer or cringe when this happened, I kind of watched it unfold in disbelief. To me, the interesting thing isn’t the hook up, but what the consequences are going to be. That’s when the story will really begin with what happened last night.

OK a few random thoughts and I’m finished…

*There’s been a good amount of soul searching the last few episodes. Two weeks ago, Bailey talked to Callie about wanting a new challenge, and even last night she was so interested and involved in what Mark was doing during the throat surgery because it was something new. Meanwhile, McDreamy (he was kind of invisible last night, no?) mentioned how he’s tired of the death. I wonder if he’d ever some sort of career change. I hope he’s part of the “Private Practice/”Grey’s” crossover episodes in February.

*I thought the Sadie/Callie thing was a little odd last night. Not good or bad, just odd. Anytime a woman smiles at Callie, is she going to think they are interested in her?

*Speaking of Sadie, I wonder who her dad is that’s so influential that she was able to stay employed at Seattle Grace?

*I love the Citibank commercial with the “seat jumper” guys. Especially the part when they make it to the front and the security guard points them back to their nosebleed seats. I don’t know, I just get a kick out of that. On the flip side, I find the Xbox commercials where the back of the persons head is cut out a little disturbing.

*I think it’s hilarious that “Scrubs” and “Grey’s” are now on the same network. Especially since “Grey’s” was considered a “Scrubs” rip-off when if first aired. So much so that in on episode of “Scrubs” the main character, J.D. said, “I love (“Grey’s”). It’s like someone’s been watching our lives and put it on TV.” Good times.

*I have to admit, I’m a little confused about when the next new “Grey’s” episode is going to be. The previews made it look like it was going to be next Thursday, but according to and, there will be a repeat on next week. That’s disappointing if that’s case. Anyway, the next new episode looks pretty good.  *Honorable mentions for “Line of the Week.”

-“Whatever, Hellen Keller.” (I got a kick out of this line because I guess Alex forgot that Hellen Keller was not only deaf, but also blind so she wouldn’t be able to read lips.)

-“No hot interns!!”

-“I can kiss (butt) when I have to, but not yours.”

-“I didn’t cut LVAD wires, put my hands in balmy body cavities or have my interns operate on each other.” (Let’s face it, Bailey’s whole speech in the beginning of the episode could have been the Line of the Week, but I don’t think it would fit in the subject line.)

-“No, I am (bad).”

-“If you want to be scared, that’s OK. Just be scared with me.”

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