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Tripleheader of blowouts give fans very little football to be thankful for

In NFL on December 2, 2008 at 4:03 pm

 I love Thanksgiving. As I’ve gotten older, it’s become my favorite holiday. As a kid, I loved Christmas the most. Could you blame me? Waking up and seeing a whole bunch of gifts under the tree, what more could a kid ask for than that? As I got older though, and the gifts remained appreciated, but not as anticipated, I began a love affair with Thanksgiving. Eventually, I had to break if off with Christmas and I made Thanksgiving my full-time holiday love.


OK, OK I know that metaphor was a little bizarre. The point is, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It always falls on a Thursday, and I take off from work the next day, so every November, I look forward to that four-day weekend. Plus, it’s a day where I’m stuffing my face with great food and going back for more throughout the evening. If all I had on Thanksgiving was a lot of good food and a the start of a four-day weekend, I’d be more than happy. But there’s something else, I look forward to on Thanksgiving…




Ah, football. It’s my favorite sport and knowing that I get to enjoy games while pigging is simply paradise to me. It’s even more of a paradise now that there’s an evening game after the traditional day games. Before NFL Network gave us that extra game, I always felt a little lost after the Cowboys’ game. I always felt like, “Wow, I could go for one more game. What am I going to watch now?” Anyway, when I looked at this years slate of Turkey Day games, I assumed we’d have a bad early game (Lions vs. Titans), a game that could be good depending on if the visitors showed up, but would most likely be bad (Seahawks vs. Cowboys) and a good game (Cardinals vs. Eagles).


Well, unfortunately, I was wrong. We got three bad football games. Like I said, the Lions-Titans game and the Cowboys-Seahawks game were anticipated. But what about the Cards-Eagles match-up? I was looking forward to this game all day! I figured it would be a saving grace after two straight laughers that were over before they started. Unfortunately, Kurt Warner decided to put the ball up for grabs all night and the rest of his crew were moving around like they had a little too much turkey before the game. What a disgrace. I turned off the TV with about five minutes left in that game, bummed out that I didn’t get to see an ounce of competitive football on my favorite holiday of the year.


I could have sulked about the lousy games until I fell asleep, but instead I opted to be thankful for that there were games for me to watch at all. That’s what I kept trying to tell myself anyway.


Here are some quick thoughts on the Thanksgiving games and the remainder of the Week 13 Slate….


Titans 47, Lions 10


Well, the whispers about the Lions having the Thanksgiving game taken away from them probably turned into shouts after that putrid performance. Wow, what an awful team the Lions are. I really felt for the Lions’ fans who spend their Thanksgiving afternoon watching them play, and kudos to them for selling out the place.


I couldn’t help wonder several times, “Where’s the defense?” as Titans’ running backs Chris Johnson and LenDale White ran up and down the field at will. After Johnson ran untouched for a 58-yard touchdown, I think Phil Simms said it best, “You know you’re in trouble when you’re 0-11 and your crowd doesn’t even boo after you give up a long touchdown run.” I could have said it better myself.


There were plenty of lowlights in this game, but the lowest had to be the pick Daunte Culpepper threw that Dave Ball returned for a touchdown. Daunte, who were you throwing that ball to? That made the score 21-3. The only interest I had in the game after that was if the final score would total up to 47 or more, because that’s the pick I made in’s “Streak for the Cash” game. Fortunately for me, the Titans took care of that total all by themselves. And while I’ve been bashing Detroit for the last couple of paragraphs, I should give the Titans their due for coming out and just laying the smack-down in a short week. White and Johnson combined for 231 rushing yards! A couple more thoughts on this game:


-The Lions’ poor play made me feel sorry for their fans. But I really felt sorry for them when with their team down, 35-10 at halftime, they were serenaded by Jesse McCartney. I don’t have anything against him, but I just can’t imagine the Lions’ faithful being thrilled with him being the halftime entertainment.


-Shame on Lions head coach Ron Miranellis for punting on fourth and 1 when they down by four scores. When your team is 0-11, does it matter if the Titans stopped you or not?


-I loved the sign on fan held begging Congress to “Bail out the Lions.”


Cowboys 34, Seahawks 9


Again, thank goodness for that “Streak for the Cash” game. It’s the only thing that kept me interested in this game. Unfortunately, I picked the “45 points or more” option, and with some quick math, you can see that I lost. I figured the Cowboys would be good for 30 points, so Seattle would only need 15 to keep my streak going. Unfortunately, the Seahawks left their offensive punch in Seattle, and my streak went back to zero. I thought they’d have at least one touchdown drive in them, maybe a careless Romo pass that was picked off and returned for six, or a garbage time TD when the Cowboys were way ahead and had their JV in there. But nope, even during that garbage time final drive, the Seahawks play with zero urgency to punch one in the end zone.


As for the game itself, what can you say? Seattle is the walking wounded and really had no shot, with a full week to prepare let alone three days. The Cowboys’ win looks like it may be costly as their star running back Marion Barber and linebacker DeMarcus Ware both left the game with injuries. Right now, they’re listed as day-to-day. The ‘Boys will need them both back if they’re going to make the playoffs.


Two other thoughts on this game:


*What was up with the teeny-bopper themed halftime shows this year? For the early game we had Jesse McCartney and for this game we get the Jonas Brothers? I know they’re really popular, but is it their target audience that’s watching the game? Maybe it is, I just don’t know. I’d love someone to explain it to me.


*I noticed when Fox displayed the list of past Galloping Gobbler Award winners, Michael Vick won in 2005. However, when they showed pictures of the winners and clips of each player accepting the award, Vick’s picture and clip were excluded. It’s pretty obvious why they did that, I just found it interesting, that’s all.


Eagles 48, Cardinals 20:


I think I said enough about this awful game in my opening paragraphs. I did get a kick out of the Eagles fans starting to boo quarterback Donovan McNabb when he threw his first incompletion, despite the fact that he completed his first five passes prior to that one and the Eagles were up 14-0 at the time. Speaking of the Eagles faithful, I was stunned to see so many people leaving Lincoln Financial Field early. The Birds had lost two of their last three games (and the other game was a tie to the dreadful Bengals); you thought they would have wanted to stick around and see the home team actually complete a victory. But that’s just me.


As for the Cardinals, Arizona receivers: CATCH THE BALL!!



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