Joe Dyton

Entourage Recap: “Return to Queens Blvd.”

In Entourage on November 24, 2008 at 6:39 pm

Last night, we saw our favorite fictional movie star and his devoted crew wrap up the fifth season of “Entourage.” Fortunately for the boys, this season ended on a much, much happier note than Season Four. Vince finally bounced back with a lead role in a Martin Scorsese film, Eric has a promising talent management career ahead of him outside of Team Vince, Johnny is now the proud co-owner a bar with his name on it and Turtle has the love of the beautiful Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Not a bad way to close out what was an emotional roller coaster ride of a season.


Overall, I liked last night’s episode. However, I did have a beef with a couple of the stories. For starters, I felt it would have been much more interesting if Vince had fired Eric for more than a day. I think it would have been a great wrinkle at the start of next season to see these two working on their own for awhile. Tell me it wouldn’t have been a wonderful draw-dropping season ender if the final scene of the episode was Vince telling E it was time to make a change and E telling Vince, “eff you,” and they go their separate ways. Instead, they went with a happier, more conventional route, which was fine. I just would have liked it if the writers took a chance.


My second beef isn’t as much of a complaint as it is a question. I cheered when Scorsese offered Vince a role in his next film. I couldn’t help but think where does the show go from here? I’m not too worried about it because “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin says he’s got a few more years of material in reserve, so there’s definitely a plan in place. I just felt that Vince getting such a plum role would have been a great way to end the series. I mean, how much further can his star rise after being in a Scorsese movie? What other challenges will he face from this point? The show won’t be interesting if Vince is just on a successful career path for the rest of the series. But, I trust Ellin and Co., and I’m sure there will be other obstacles along the way for Mr. Chase.


My only other gripe with last night’s show is how the Scorsese scene played out. If felt like a carbon copy of the scene in “The Sundance Kids” episode when James Cameron offered Vince the title role in “Aquaman.” Lloyd had the Academy Award winning (it’s great to be able to finally put Scorsese in that category!) on hold until Vince was be able to be connected, and then each director gave him the good news. I won’t complain about this too much because it was a happy moment, but I couldn’t help but think, “Haven’t we seen this before?”


OK, enough complaining. Despite those couple of flaws, I did like the episode. It was great to see the boys back in their native Queens. Especially because it was so much fun to see Vince and Johnny and Turtle’s mothers treating them like they were kids. Turtle’s mom was fantastic. I was rolling when she broke up Turtle and Jamie-Lynn’s phone session. It was also great to see Johnny’s name in bright lights at his new bar. It made up for the “Welcome Home” sign that had Vince listed as an international movie star and Drama’s name in much smaller letters as a TV star.


My favorite scene was the showdown between Vince and Eric in the street after Vince was turned down for an audition for the Gus Van Sant movie. It was similar to their face off at the end of the Season One finale, “New York,” but this one was much more intense. I felt Vince was pretty unfair to Eric (thankfully he eventually saw the error in his ways and re-hired E) when he said he was in the spot he was in was because of everything Eric suggested since he became his manager. Especially when, in my opinion, Vince was in a bad spot because he got himself fired from the “Aquaman” franchise. Everything spiraled out of control from there. But, thanks to Eric’s good management, Vince got a (great) job, and all was well again.


So, Vince is back on top, and we’ll have to wait until next summer to see if he’ll be able to stay there this time. What did you think of this season finale? Where do you think the show will go from here?







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