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Entourage Recap: “Return to Queens Blvd.”

In Entourage on November 24, 2008 at 6:39 pm

Last night, we saw our favorite fictional movie star and his devoted crew wrap up the fifth season of “Entourage.” Fortunately for the boys, this season ended on a much, much happier note than Season Four. Vince finally bounced back with a lead role in a Martin Scorsese film, Eric has a promising talent management career ahead of him outside of Team Vince, Johnny is now the proud co-owner a bar with his name on it and Turtle has the love of the beautiful Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Not a bad way to close out what was an emotional roller coaster ride of a season.


Overall, I liked last night’s episode. However, I did have a beef with a couple of the stories. For starters, I felt it would have been much more interesting if Vince had fired Eric for more than a day. I think it would have been a great wrinkle at the start of next season to see these two working on their own for awhile. Tell me it wouldn’t have been a wonderful draw-dropping season ender if the final scene of the episode was Vince telling E it was time to make a change and E telling Vince, “eff you,” and they go their separate ways. Instead, they went with a happier, more conventional route, which was fine. I just would have liked it if the writers took a chance.


My second beef isn’t as much of a complaint as it is a question. I cheered when Scorsese offered Vince a role in his next film. I couldn’t help but think where does the show go from here? I’m not too worried about it because “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin says he’s got a few more years of material in reserve, so there’s definitely a plan in place. I just felt that Vince getting such a plum role would have been a great way to end the series. I mean, how much further can his star rise after being in a Scorsese movie? What other challenges will he face from this point? The show won’t be interesting if Vince is just on a successful career path for the rest of the series. But, I trust Ellin and Co., and I’m sure there will be other obstacles along the way for Mr. Chase.


My only other gripe with last night’s show is how the Scorsese scene played out. If felt like a carbon copy of the scene in “The Sundance Kids” episode when James Cameron offered Vince the title role in “Aquaman.” Lloyd had the Academy Award winning (it’s great to be able to finally put Scorsese in that category!) on hold until Vince was be able to be connected, and then each director gave him the good news. I won’t complain about this too much because it was a happy moment, but I couldn’t help but think, “Haven’t we seen this before?”


OK, enough complaining. Despite those couple of flaws, I did like the episode. It was great to see the boys back in their native Queens. Especially because it was so much fun to see Vince and Johnny and Turtle’s mothers treating them like they were kids. Turtle’s mom was fantastic. I was rolling when she broke up Turtle and Jamie-Lynn’s phone session. It was also great to see Johnny’s name in bright lights at his new bar. It made up for the “Welcome Home” sign that had Vince listed as an international movie star and Drama’s name in much smaller letters as a TV star.


My favorite scene was the showdown between Vince and Eric in the street after Vince was turned down for an audition for the Gus Van Sant movie. It was similar to their face off at the end of the Season One finale, “New York,” but this one was much more intense. I felt Vince was pretty unfair to Eric (thankfully he eventually saw the error in his ways and re-hired E) when he said he was in the spot he was in was because of everything Eric suggested since he became his manager. Especially when, in my opinion, Vince was in a bad spot because he got himself fired from the “Aquaman” franchise. Everything spiraled out of control from there. But, thanks to Eric’s good management, Vince got a (great) job, and all was well again.


So, Vince is back on top, and we’ll have to wait until next summer to see if he’ll be able to stay there this time. What did you think of this season finale? Where do you think the show will go from here?







“Grey’s Anatomy” Recap: “In the Midnight Hour”

In Grey's Anatomy on November 21, 2008 at 4:28 pm

Last night we were treated to the ninth episode of this fifth season of “Grey’s,” “In the Midnight Hour.” Well, maybe “treated” isn’t the right word. While I thought this episode was pretty good from an acting and writing standpoint, two of the three major storylines were so ridiculous, I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the whole hour. I spent a lot of it shaking my head and rolling my eyes. It blew my mind just how quickly things got out of hand.

There were two things that really bothered me this week, the interns’ secret surgery club and the Denny-Izzie debacle. Which one should I start with? I’ll go with the interns because the Denny-Izzie thing has been ripped ad nauseam since last Thursday from irate “Grey’s” fans all over the country. I thought this was a bad idea when they were just practicing putting IV’s into each other and stitching up one another. Then when I saw last week’s promos and saw that they were going to perform an unsupervised appendectomy (Who-hoo! Another correct medical spelling on the first try!), on one of there own, I was beside myself. And that was just from the promo!!! When I watched Lexie operate on Sadie while using textbooks to guide her, I felt like Chevy Chase in that over-used DirecTV commercial where he and Christie Brinkley re-enact the pool scene from “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” You know how he keeps clapping his hands and saying, “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy.” Well, that’s all I could think when they were doing the operation last night.

I mean how ridiculous was this? We’re really supposed to believe these interns were so desperate for hands-on training, that they’d risk their young careers by performing an unsupervised surgery they weren’t ready for? And what about the potential criminal charges they could have faced if Sadie didn’t make it? I thought doctors are supposed to be smart! It’s amazing how much more poise, confidence and intelligence Meredith and Co. had when they were interns compared to Little Grey and her band of numbskulls. When I have some time, I’m going to sit and think about the most far-fetched ridiculous storylines and make a Top Ten list. I can guarantee you that this one will be on there, and has a great chance to be in the top five. Speaking of ridiculous storylines….

Izzie and Denny “getting together” would also make the list. Every week this plot goes on, the more love I lose for the great Denny character and the more respect I lose for the show. This was painful to watch, yet again. Hearing Izzie moan and groan from her room was beyond creepy and weird. Although it did make for a funny moment when everyone was wondering who she was in there with and Meredith went screaming for Derek. I just don’t understand why the writers want to ruin another lovable character for the viewers. I thought they would have learned their lesson from the Ava disaster last season. I should have known when Alex got over his issues and was willing to commit to Izzie, it was too good to be true. This has been a strange season for me, because I’ve ripped two characters I never thought I would, Denny and the Chief. Fortunately, the Chief has redeemed himself nicely during the last few episodes. But Denny has become annoying, by no fault of his own. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is doing a great job, and it’s not so much him that’s bothering me, it’s the whole story. I have now found myself counting down the episodes until his run on the show is over.

So which of the two ridiculous storylines is the most ridiculous? It’s a tough call, but I have to go with Denny and Izzie. While the interns forming their own society is out there, at least it could actually happen in real life. Izzie having relations with her the spirit of her deceased fiancé is waaay out there. What happened to the days where the doctors just operated on patients, had romantic and family issues and drowned their sorrows at Joe’s bar and called it a day? Ah, the simpler times of “Grey’s” I miss those times

You know an episode is on shaky ground when the “C” storyline is one that’s the most worth watching. I liked the sleepwalker medical case a lot. Not only was the case interesting, it was great to see Dr. Hunt, McDreamy and McSteamy all working together without arguing. But the best part of this story was all about Sloan. I thought it was great to find out a little about his childhood background and he was terrific with the patient’s daughter. It looks like Addison is wrong; he would have made a great father.

Well, my “opening statement” was a little longer than usual, so I’m just going to throw some bullets out there for what else I liked or didn’t like about last night’s episode….

*I like the new Alex a lot. I hope I’m not jinxing anything, but he seems to have exorcised his demons and since then has become more of a human being. He’s more patient with his patients (heh-heh), and he’s treated Izzie better then he ever has. I also found his brown-nosing to Dr. Bailey in the beginning of the episode humorous. I also loved when he put the smart-mouth intern into the wall. Why, oh why would he think of opening his mouth when they were all just put on probation?

*Speaking of Alex’s patients, the thought of the procedure his patient from last night had to go through to get antibiotics back into her body makes me a little sick. A fecal transplant, ewww!!! I will give the writers a big thank you for not making us witness any part of that procedure. Even the tube going into her nose would have grossed me out because I know what would have been coming next. Ugh, let’s just move on.

*I mentioned Sloan already, but I also wanted to say I loved his scenes with Callie last night. They are so good together. He was an amazing friend (and doctor) to her. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be seeing some sort of “love square” going on in the coming episodes, Callie wants Sloan, but Sloan wants Lexie, but Lexie wants George sort of thing. Well, George doesn’t want Callie anymore, so I guess it’s not really a square, but you know what I mean.

*I loved the emotional throw down between Meredith and Cristina last night. It was their best since Cristina’s “It’s not always about you Meredith.” outburst from a couple of seasons ago. I wasn’t sure whose side to take during their spat. On the one hand, Cristina’s right, when something like that happens, it does fall on all of them and Meredith could have said something to the Chief. But on the flip side, Meredith knew nothing about the interns’ secret club, so why should she stick her neck out for Cristina, when she should have reported what they were doing the minute she found out about it?

OK, a few more random thoughts and I’m done…

 *I was expecting to see Dr. Dixon this week, and I’m not sure why. I know Mary McDonnoll signed on for three episodes, I shouldn’t have assumed they were all going to be in a row. I’m not sure there would have been any room for her last night anyway.

*It looks like there’s not going to be a new episode next week because of the holiday, so the next episode will be on Dec. 4. Hopefully, it’ll be better than this one was. From the promos, it looks like it will be. I wonder who Cristina is going to select for the solo surgery.

*I love the “Lost” promo that aired during one of the commercial breaks last night. I can’t wait for it to come back!

*Speaking of ABC shows, it looks like when “Lost” returns, “Private Practice” will take over the Thursdays at 10 slot, so we’ll have back-to-back Shonda Rhimes creations to look forward to.

 *Lines of the Week:

-*I’m not going to crap in a bowl until you admit it was a pimple. 

-“She’s flying solo. That’s hot.”

-“No more strays.”

-“I draw a line at a tube in my…”

-“Do you need a leash?”

-“Brown noser.”

-“Your babies.”

-“Either you take her home, or I will.”