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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: “There’s No “I” in Team”

In Grey's Anatomy on October 24, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Last night we were treated to “Annual All Hands on Deck” episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” (think the “Cement Boy” episode from last season, the ferry boat crash episode (that was three-parter no less!), or even the train wreck episode from Season Two). Hey, I guess if something works, why not keep going to it? Although the concept has been beaten into the ground, I liked last night’s episode. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that it was bogged down primarily by one storyline (The Domino Surgery), but the episode itself was good. I personally like when there are stories going on because the episode flows better. Thankfully, the non-Domino stories were pretty entertaining (thank goodness for Sloan last night). Overall, I’d give last night’s episode four scalpels out of five.

 Here are my “Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down” from last night….

THUMBS UP: To Meredith’s opening monologue. Usually, I sort of tune those out and watch what’s going on because they’re cliché, but I enjoyed hers last night. I liked it because as a sports nut I enjoyed the analogies and I also liked the timing of when Meredith said, “Eventually you have to get off the bench and decide what team you’re batting for.” as Callie and Erica jumped in each other’s arms. It was very clever and funny. Maybe I’ll start paying more attention to what Meredith is talking about in the beginning of the episode from now on.

THUMBS DOWN: To the residents. I hate to do it because the scene was kind of funny, but it was in very poor taste for them to have the interns standing up like show dogs so they could decide who to give to George. In all honesty, it seemed out of character for Meredith and Izzie to participate in something like that. Cristina and Alex though, that’ right up their alley.

THUMBS UP: To Lexie. Oh, poor Lexie. I thought the congratulatory balloons and gift basket she got for George was a nice gesture, but a little over-the-top. She trying a little too hard, She gets a “Thumbs Up” from me for how she acted at the end of the episode. She really let George have it, and deservedly so. She pulled a big-time 180 from the beginning of the episode. I don’t know if George was just not paying attention because he was preparing for his test, or he’s just that oblivious, but I can’t believe he never realized that she liked him. To be honest, even after she chewed him out, I’m still not sure that he does! I honestly thought that after she was through, he was going to tell her that he didn’t pick her as an intern because they’re friends and he would have felt weird having to boss her around. Speaking of George…

THUMBS DOWN: To his interns. They were more disrespectful than Izzie’s were to her at the beginning of last season. It’s a shame that he couldn’t have passed his test at the end of the season, so he would have gotten to work with a whole new set of interns who don’t know him. Now, the poor guy is stuck residing over interns who used to be his peers. I’m not sure how it’s going to work for him since he doesn’t command the respect that the other residents do. You would never hear an intern say, “You really need to chill out, Yang.” To Cristina.

THUMBS UP: To McSteamy, who gets the co-MVP of the episode award along with Bailey. With all the tension going on with the Domino Surgery, he provided some much needed comic relief in his scenes with Callie. The writers have to start utilizing him more, right? Eric Dane is too talented to just be brought in for the occasional one-liner. Anyway, I thought it was cool of him to give Callie some love advice. I was kind of surprised it was a hands-on demonstration, but I guess the best way to learn how to do something is to actually do it, right?

THUMBS DOWN: To the Chief, who seemed more preoccupied with press and recognition than actually saving lives last night. He couldn’t get enough of McDreamy being featured in a national medical journal and was more than OK that five of the six kidney transplants were recovering fine. No! In medicine the only number that counts is 100%!!! There’s nothing good about five out of six are OK! I will never understand why they’ve turned one of the best characters on the show into such a numbers-obsessed jerk. I can’t believe this is the best they could do for the Chief. Moving on…

THUMBS UP: To Bailey, who managed to save the day by convincing the scorned wife to donate a kidney after all. She is a phenomenal character, one of the best on TV in my opinion. Her speech to the wife was superb, as she was able to talk her into it without talking her into it since that’s against the rules. I also thought it was a nice touch for Bailey to wheel her into the room of the recipient of her kidney. Once the family applauded, I think she realized she made the right choice, despite her husband being a no-good two-timer. I also have to give Bailey kudos for giving McDreamy some much needed romantic advice (this is two weeks in a row Bailey has played relationship counselor, she can do it all!). Speaking of everyone’s favorite cover boy….

THUMBS DOWN: To McDreamy for not acknowledging Meredith in that article. To be honest, I was torn because what he said to her wasn’t wrong (although it was extremely arrogant), she is still a very green surgeon. However, it was her idea and she did help him come up with the medical breakthrough. I will give him credit for redeeming himself at the end of the episode though (more on that later). It was just one of those situations where he put his career ahead of his relationship; I’m curious if this will continue to be a speed bump on their relationship at time goes on.

THUMBS DOWN: To the gross-out scenes. I don’t know why I keep giving this a “Thumbs Down” since they come up every week. They’re not really worth mentioning anymore, but did we really have to see the kidneys being pulled out of the patients’ bodies? Seriously? And while, I loved Derek’s peace offering to Meredith, did he really have to bring the “Kidney in a Jar” to the bar? Ugh, that was so disgusting. And finally…

THUMBS UP: To Izzie for saying what a lot of us have been for so long regarding Alex: that the jerk one minute the nice guy the next act is really getting old. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I applaud the writers for putting that line in there. They say the first step to fighting addiction is admitting you have a problem. Well, the writers have been addicted to making us think that Alex is going to turn into a good guy and then he goes back to his old ways five minutes later. I guess they finally realized, “Hmmm, maybe we should have Alex act one way or the other.” Hopefully Izzie opening up to him at the end of the episode will push him into nice guy territory. I guess we’ll find out next week….

 A few random thoughts and I’m finished…

 *What a bummer only seeing Kevin McKidd in a “blink and you missed it cameo” last night. When I read he was going to be back next week, I was very excited. Well, at least Cristina has found someone to help scratch the itch she kept talking about yesterday. And it looks like he’ll be prominently featured in next week’s show, so that’s something to look forward to.

*The jury’s still out for me regarding the Callie-Hahn relationship. It still feels forced at times (I think Sloan and Callie have better chemistry), but maybe now that Sloan has taught Callie a few tricks, she’ll be more comfortable and their relationship will feel more comfortable. I give credit to the writers though for keeping it realistic. If Callie and Hahn just jumped into this and they were comfortable with the situation from the get-go, we’d all be complaining how ludicrous that was.

*Izzie cares about Alex. Who knew? Did you hear me? Izzie cares about him. Izzie cares about him. Izzie cares about him. I liked the sentiment, but it got annoying after the third time she said it. Part of me thinks Alex didn’t kiss her because he wanted to, but because he wanted her to stop talking.

*There are plenty of heartbreaking scenes on this show, but they never really get to me. Last night, the scene with the dying father and his son who was originally only in the kidney donation for the 10 grand got to me a little bit. Anyone else? Yeah, me neither I was just kidding…

*I loved the parallels between the patients and doctors. They throw those in just about every week, but I thought they were especially well done this week. In an unusual twist, one patient’s tale hit home with two doctors instead of one. That of course was the mistress kidney donor. She was so upset that she did everything for the guy she loved (even gave him a kidney!) and he ended up choosing his wife. You could see Lexie was thinking about George when the poor girl broke down, thinking about all she did for him and he didn’t even notice. That’s probably what fueled the fire for her to explode on him at the end of the episode. Also, earlier in the episode, when she was telling Cristina how they got together (she worked under him, then all of a sudden she was dating an older guy from work), Cristina definitely had Burke on her mind.

The other parallel that rang true was between the father and son and Alex and Izzie. It was obvious when Izzie was mad at the son for being a jerk to his dad who just wanted to be there for him, she was thinking of how badly Alex was treating her. And when Alex exploded on the kid later on, I felt he was really yelling at himself because he knows deep down Izzie wants to be there for him, and he’s just not letting her. (Since this scene was so well written, I’ll let it pass that all this was covered between the two of them last week)

*Honorable mentions for “Line of the Week”

 -“Interns, the other white meat.”

-“Diseased kidneys are tchotchkes for your kitchen shelves.”

-“Just because you didn’t get published in a medical journal doesn’t mean you’re not a genius.”

-“..especially with us silly, emotional women.”

-“The Shepherd Method.”

-Eat that, Mercy West.”

-“Do you think they airbrushed this picture? The man doesn’t have any (darn) pores!”

-“I’ll show you the Sloan method.”


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